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Bhuvaneswari Subramani
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Mother as Mentor for an Author

Mother as a #mentor of an #Author is quite content indeed.

Treasured Droplets, Our elder son Sharveshโ€™s debut poetry book carrying 45 poems with 3000+ words published on #Amazon, reflects a great appreciation for every element of life with a positive outlook and a profound connection with them.
If you get to read it, please pass on your good wishes to him.

Thanks to Pinnacle EDUCARE Pune for the wonderful book with colourful images aptly spreading more positivity to the content.

Treasured Droplets

My husband, Gunasekaran Pappannan's weekend visit with kids to Library and #crossword book store, age-specific magazine subscriptions, rewarding their little accomplishments with a wide variety of books of their choice have paid off.

Joy knew no bounds to hold the first copy of your own writing in hand and so was Sharvesh, happily sharing first copy with grand parents to seek their blessings and with his loving brother share the joy.

Sharing the joy


Special thanks to my professor Dr. Shakila Mathew, and friends Anu A, Ramya Ragupathy for their editorial feedback.

Thanks to Sam Jobin Manohar PhD, SHRM SCP, Mr. MP Vijayakumar, Trustee, Bannari Amman Institute of Technology, Mrs.Chitra Ananthakrishnan, Sharvesh's #chinmyamission teacher for taking time out of their busy schedule, preview, and add their valuable comments.

Appreciation note from Reviewers

My love to Gaanappriya Mohan Yogesh and her #TheOrdeal novel for being the spark in transitioning Sharvesh from #blogger to an #author.

An excerpt from Sharvesh's Poem


And the debut book have fetched Sharvesh couple of honours


Thank you for An Amazing Author and Blogger Award in August 2021
Magic Book of Records Award

Magic Book of Records Award

BlueStar Award

Thank you Blue Star Awards for recognizing Sharvesh's writing with Youth Icon of the Year Award in Sep 2021.
Great motivation for him to continue writing!!
Blue Star Award

About Author

Sharvesh is a 14-year old boy who loves to write. When he is not doing his homework, playing with his younger brother, or attending online classes, Sharvesh can be found enjoying nature.

He loves plants and trees and enjoys spending time amidst nature. Poetry comes naturally to him as he appreciates the elements. A word or a phrase is enough to inspire him to compose an entire poem.

Treasured Droplets is his first step into the amazing world of writing. He hopes that you will enjoy the poems that capture the world as seen through the eyes of a teenager.

Motherโ€™s Eyes

Sharvesh has lots of enthusiasm and energy for literature and admires the works of Rick Riordan and Roshani Chokshi. A voracious reader, he also loves expressing his experiences and thoughts in the form of poems and short stories.

As a mother, I have found great joy in helping transform his handwritten manuscripts into blogs since he was 8 years old at

In spite of being a tender adolescent, I see so much maturity, a positive outlook, and a totally different perspective for things around us. Inspired by the change of scene in the new normal he took to writing this poetry collection expressing his appreciation for everyday life.

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