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Destiny: A Tool to Manage Cluttered Folders

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Destiny is a command line tool written in go that simplifies the organization of cluttered folders. If you've ever struggled with maintaining a tidy file system, Destiny is here to make your life easier. Unlike a traditional shell script, Destiny includes checks for excluded files and provides a more manageable and user-friendly experience.

How to Use


If you are on macOS or Linux, use the following command to install Destiny:

curl | bash
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Organizing Files

  • To organize files in the current folder, run:
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  • To organize files in a specific folder, provide the folder path as an argument:
destiny /path/to/folder
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How it Works

Destiny employs a simple yet effective approach to file organization:

  1. File Scan:
  • Destiny scans all files in the target folder.
  1. Folder Creation:
  • For each unique file extension, Destiny checks if a corresponding folder exists. If the folder does not exist, Destiny creates a folder with the same name as the file extension. File Movement: Destiny moves each file to the folder associated with its file extension.
  1. Example: If you have a file named hello.txt, Destiny creates a folder named txt (if not exists) and moves the file into it.


Destiny is a user-friendly tool that significantly improves the organization of your files. Whether you're dealing with a cluttered workspace or aiming for a more systematic approach, Destiny has got you covered. For suggestions or feedback, please create an issue on the GitHub repo.

Also if you like Destiny, please star the repo.

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