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Bhumi Khokhani
Bhumi Khokhani

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Gaming with JS

Heyyy guyss!

Today is a special day. I finally created my blog, about which I have been thinking from a very long time, to share my work, projects and a part of my life.

Being this crazy about web-dev always, I joined the Sudan-Tech's Workshop on web development. Learnt soo many new things which I was always confused about. After all the amazing sessions we had and the tasks we completed, it was time to make our final project.

A mixture of all the things we learnt.


So, the question was what project should I make? Some application or a website.
How about a fusion?
Finally I decided to make a web-app ; A simple yet an interesting game that we all have played in our childhood.

A Jigsaw Puzzle!

I used to love solving puzzles. I had soo many boxes of such puzzle games at my home.


Coming back to the topic, I had no idea. How do I start? What should I do?
Completely clueless. Surfed through the web, watched videos. Finally taking references and understanding the javascripts built this simple Jigsaw Puzzle Game .


The working is simple, there is a reference image at the top which changes every time the site is refreshed. There are different options from which the player can choose his difficulty level by selecting how many pieces will he solve.
According to the code, when the reference image and the solved puzzle matches the game is over. I added slight more simple animations for the motions and coded other logics for the working.

Alt Text

Find it on: CodePen | GitHub

More Progress

After this one game, I started searching for other games that I can build using JS. Cause now I discovered how powerful and also weird JS was, I made a game called "Find The Match", where basically we match the similar cards before the timer is up.

Alt Text

Find it on: CodePen | GitHub

This was one crazy discovery!

I never knew JS was so powerful, until I heard about it in the sessions and actually surfed through the web about it while making the project.
For sure I'm going to experiment more with JS and build many more web-apps in future.

Trust me, using something built by you brings a different kind of joy.


Finally, I would like to conclude, try experimenting with your codes, surfing about things you are crazy about. Never stop learning.

Because there is soo much more, you know nothing about
and tech is much more than you can even imagine. It's never-ending!

Wrapping Up

If you have any feature requests or issues, they are welcomed in the GitHub repo, it would be nice if you guys could take a look at it and give it a ⭐ if you liked it.
Also, you can leave you suggestions in the comment section and give a reaction if you enjoyed reading itπŸ’–
Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn | Twitter

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Osman Melih Tolunay

It looks good and sharing Github link is also good ahaha. But I think game scenario deserves little bit better graphics. I will work on it to help you πŸ’»πŸ»πŸ’«

bhumikhokhani profile image
Bhumi Khokhani

Thank you for reading. Yes, I agree it does. It was my beginning phase, learning to build simple games using Javascript. It would be great to work together. πŸ˜„