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re: Finding knowledge is not hard. Putting it all together is. VIEW POST


Nice work! ... I have been thinking in that also (tutorials vs projects)... I have been trying to teach what I think I know jaja... but is hard to find the best way to do it... and once you decide for one, is hard to actually do it!!...

I like how you are working to explain your decisions in the Readme... and just as a humble advice... one thing that could help the people that visit your project is to now the process that you use to tackle a new feature... like a little tutorial inside you project (I know this is what you want to avoid jaja), but just to know how they can add more code to software written in this way =)

Keep the good work!


Hie Benito,

Thx for the comment. As you understood, the goal of that project is to provide a project where you can find out how you would put all the bricks together (have a real example).

I intended from the start to make some blog posts and talk about some specific features. It will come along.

Meanwhile, I took some notes about some problems I stumbled upon and how I fixed them. It's available there : - maybe I should highlight it more in the README ...


I didn't see that page!... I will check it out =) ... Thanks

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