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How much free the free apps are?

I am bored, I do not have anything to waste my time, I too bored with my phone. Now, what can I do?
Let's go out with your friends and have some chill. But wait, it is pandemic outside I can't go out of my home. Now, I have only one and single option to do which is to Install The Free Apps In My Phone. Yes, these apps are having good stuff that helps me in passing my day out.

One second, did I say free app? Where we get a free app? I think nowhere. Not a single app on the internet is free. Every app needs something in return.
But Sanju said to me that PlayStore contains a huge range of free apps of every category and I used them too. They did not ask for a single penny to me.

Are you also having this concern about the free apps? Why free apps were made if they do not need any profit? If free apps can fulfill most of the requirements then why should we eager to buy the paid apps? Let me answer you.

Every single thing available on the internet which provides you any piece of information is definitely get something in return. Let us start with the categories

Categories Of Free Apps in Internet

  1. Business Apps: Every app is a business app but we are going to discuss over the open businesses. These apps are made for B2B as well as B2C purposes. You know a lot of famous businesses where an organization sells its products with the help of mobile applications like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. They create their applications for buying, selling, billing, tracking in a wide range of areas. Even some applications do not have their physical existence because they work as a medium between the seller and customer like Zomato, Paytm, etc.

  2. Learning Apps: Learning app contains the essentials which help the learners to learn anything about the category they select. It is also known as an educational business. These apps contain ebooks, pdf, images, tutorial videos, and online lectures according to the students' needs which makes them profit when someone buys their products.

  3. Gaming Apps: The biggest in number category of play store. Most of us(including me) spent our leisure time playing mobile games. This is also a good category to invest a good number of amounts in the market.

  4. Lifestyle Apps: Let's give some time to grooming and maintaining ourselves. From fitness, shopping, workout to weight loss, exercise everything comes under this category. These apps have offers according to your working needs or lifestyle problems.

  5. Entertainment Apps: Everyone is familiar here with Amazon Kindle, Netflix, and Amazon Prime. This category of apps which provides you some sort of element which can help you to time pass by using them come under this. You have to buy a subscription for monthly or yearly plans.

  6. Utility Apps: These apps contain a range of facilities that you needed any time such as pharmacy, Cabs Booking apps or Online hotel booking, etc.

Indirect Sources Of Earning For Free Apps

This is the thing about which the whole market is running all around either it is an online platform or offline marketing. I am talking about the advertisement. Yes, this is one of the greatest means of earning on the internet which is chosen by the people either on websites or in an application.

Let's Discuss Something Technical

Suppose you install an app just by clicking on the install button. Answer me:
Did you check the installation link first?
Did you read the terms and conditions and privacy norms before installing them?
Did you go for the reviews of that app first?

In 80% cases, the answer is No I didn't.
You do not know with just a single install click you are providing new functionality to your device either good or bad. After living in this generation where cyberattacks in a high you are not safe anymore or your data is too not private now.

What are in-app Advertisements?

As per the name in-app advertisement means the adds inside applications. Now the question is why they are insecure?
Some of the apps have in-app library packages inside it which automatically installed on your system when you install any app on your device. Then, they show you the advertisement according to your searches and findings.

How It Going To Be Annoying Or Irritiating

Did you notice sometimes you get advertisements in your notification bars or some full screen adds which on click redirect you to any unwanted or unknown location?
Yes, these all are because of these in-app libraries.
Also, you notice sometimes when you search a product on google you get related advertisements on social platforms too. This all is not only annoying or irritating but it also increases the risks for your privacy.

How my privacy get affected?

Your searches are public when you click on any unwanted link you do not know where you are redirecting. The best example is bitly who is used to shorten your links but never tells you where you are going through that link.
Hacking possibilities are increases with these methods day by day. Sometimes attackers also add a headless app with the primary app you installed without any knowledge or knowing about that. These headless apps are even not shown in your app drawer which may be sending ransomware on your device.

Summing Up

So, if I continue writing about it, It may take a whole book. Here, I told you the basic information about how much you pay for installing a free app on your device. Sometimes maybe you are going to reveal your all privacy for installing these apps.
So, at last, but not least I want to say: "Never run behind the free services unless you are not fully knowledgeable or confident about it."

Be Secure Be Safe

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Jayant Lohani

Great work. Keep going.✌
Looking forward to reading more such informative content by you.

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Bharat Negi

Thanks buddy