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Discussion on: I am full-time blockchain developer for 6+ months, AMA!

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Bart Hermans

Hi Lukas, thanks for doing this!
You say you focus on Ethereum, so basically you create smart contracts? And that's a fulltime position?

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Lukas Lukac Ask Me Anything

You welcome Bart! I am happy to help and is a chance to promote my course as well so I shoot 2 birds with one stone haha.

I focus on Ethereum ecosystem. Smart contracts represent only the "database/business logic" side of things. I also write a lot of Go code to connect all the pieces as we are developing an SDK for developers to use and simplify the integration of what we offer to their businesses/projects. And working in a startup, I also spend time on marketing, frontend, devops, cleaning, everything haha. But mainly Go + Contracts yes :)

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