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Which Domain is Best: BlogSpot Domain Vs Custom Domain

Have you ever thought of buying a domain name for your blog? Many bloggers are stuck between purchasing a free blogspot domain vs purchasing a custom domain. Though there are many different things to consider, at the end of the day, choosing an appropriate domain will help your blog convert better. So should you buy a domain or stick to BlogSpot?

See My Answer is if your content is unique and different from other people then you have to purchase a Custom Domain Because If you are starting a blog then you have to invest something then you can concentrate on that particular blogging because you are thinking about how we manage domain money from blogging.

See I also Started my blog named as a custom domain I think If you are doing blogging then you have to use custom domain name for branding your blogging about particular niche.

For More Details about blogspot domain vs custom domain then read this posts for details information

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