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Which Companies Use Node.js and Why They Do That

While NodeJS development is the most recent technology on the market but it's not yet competing with the current market's trending technologies. The demand for NodeJS development is growing exponentially with the passing of time. In actual fact, NodeJS has become a preferred technology for a number of reputable businesses around the globe. NodeJS is an open-source JavaScript-based technology that runs JavaScript code that runs on the server-side. NodeJS is a perfect technology to create lightweight, speedy, and real-time web applications, including streaming video and audio applications, gaming chat, and so on.

Let's take a look at the list of firms that use Node.js to build their products. Before we get the curtains, we should first take a examine the main benefits of node js.

Is NodeJS really that great?

NodeJS can be written using JavaScript which is one of the more trusted and well-known programming languages that allows for the development of rapid and scalable applications. What is the reason for NodeJS becoming popular with developers of applications? Here are some reasons:

  • Very comfortable to work with.
  • Scalability to the highest degree
  • Running the code on the server-side (on their computer or directly through a web browser)
  • Quicker development cycles
  • Rapid processing speed
  • Open-source community that is flourishing

Famous apps built with Node.js

1. Netflix

There's no doubt that Netflix does not require any introduction. Netflix is the largest streaming site for video and is loved by all over the world. Netflix boasts around 130 million customers across the globe. In reality, they want to build a robust and reliable platform that can handle the hordes of screaming hours and the demands of users. This is why they decided to change between Java and NodeJS as their backend. In the beginning, Netflix had JavaScript on the front end and Java on the backend that required the developer's proficiency in the language. Thus, having both languages increased the need for errors and made it is difficult to troubleshoot the application.

Benefits of Node.js for Netflix:

  • The start-up time of the application has been cut by 70 percent.
  • Development is streamlined
  • Reduced build time
  • The level of customization has been increased for every user

2. LinkedIn

Although some people view LinkedIn as outdated and outdated, it's still the most well-known business-oriented social network, and an effective tool for securing work. LinkedIn is home to 467 million active users across 200 nations. In 2016, Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for $26 billion.
In the past, Linked in’s backend was developing Ruby on Rails. When they switch on to NodeJS for its backend it can help LinkedIn increase the speed of its pages. Prior to NodeJS was implemented, the LinkedIn server had to take on too many changes during the massive load on the site and was unable to handle the simultaneous requests using the Ruby on Rails application.

Why LinkedIn chooses Node.js?

  • Both the backend and frontend include JavaScript that allows client-server interaction to be easier for this LinkedIn application.
  • By implementing the Node.js implementation, the team can cut down on the number of servers by 10:1.
  • With Node.js the amount of traffic to LinkedIn is doubled when in comparison to the previous time.
  • On the client side on the client side, the LinkedIn application is ten times more efficiently.

3. Walmart

Walmart is the largest chain of supermarkets and its mobile/web application has around 80 million customers each month. Walmart wanted to offer the latest features to their customers. That's why they opted for NodeJS application development. Because of its synchronous I/O function of NodeJS, it provides excellent UI as well as security enhancements in Walmart's Walmart application. Walmart makes use of NodeJS in the architecture layer and can therefore build the new APIs and launch applications within a couple of hours.

Why Walmart chooses NodeJS?

  • Walmart makes use of the blend with ReactJs as well as NodeJS development to develop the backend and frontend, respectively.
  • NodeJS enhanced performance and reduced the time to respond to customers. This was due to improved customer satisfaction.
  • Thanks to NodeJS deployment, Walmart got the results that resulted in increased conversions to their checkout cart.
  • By integrating the Nodejs into the backend Walmart's development teams are able to push updates more quickly than they have ever.
  • NodeJS offers a wide range of NPM plugins and packages.

4. eBay

eBay is an online giant business that is the world's largest online marketplace, offering business-to-business and business-to-consumer Internet sales. eBay is home to 183 million active users and is utilized by users from 37 different countries. eBay has also made the switch to NodeJS as a backend technology because the primary issue for eBay is the scalability of its site and the huge volume of traffic. Like Netflix or PayPal applications eBay also had issues with scalability and traffic. eBay application was also having issues when using Java as the backend programming language, which is why they decided to change their backend technology to NodeJS.

Benefits of Node.js for eBay:

  • Speed and ease
  • Easy and seamless deployment
  • Single threading
  • The main requirement is met: "Automate the process, build once, and deploy everywhere"

In Final Words

Through all the NodeJS applications it is evident that the majority of large companies have migrated to NodeJS due to it being reliable, quick, and highly-performance technology. Additionally, it's the ideal choice for applications that have to handle multiple requests at one time. I hope you like this post and use the NodeJS development services according to the needs of your business and application.

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