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Atomic Habits Book Summary

Atomic Habits

The big idea 1% improvement = 37% better

Why should you buy the book?

I was as skeptical when I saw all the hype this book was created when it came to the market, I read it last year in an audiobook and wrote a short piece. This year I took 3 weeks to read and assimilate every page of this book.

Good work creates as much noise too. So you should grab a copy soon. I would suggest a paperback since you would want your friends to read it too.

Top 5 Takeaways

  1. Habits are easy to form if it's based on building your identity
  2. Make good habits easy and satisfying
  3. Showing up is as important as doing things
  4. Cue - Desire - Response - Reward
  5. Motivation is overrated

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