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Connecting to RDS, Using DBeaver

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White List your IP on RDS

  1. log in to AWS console
  2. Navigate to RDS
  3. Click on the DB instance you want to connect to. Please follow the images :)

Go to RDS

RDS Instances

Security Groups

Edit inbound rule

Add Inbound Rules

Connecting to RDS using DBeaver

  1. Please download DBeaver for your respective Operating System.

  2. In Dbeaver go to DataBase Navigator right-click to open the menu.
    click on create followed by connection

  3. choose the Database Type
    DB type
    I am choosing MySQL but the process is the same for any other database.

  4. It will prompt you for driver download please download with default settings.

  5. Now fill in the respective connection properties
    Connection properties

  • The hostname is the endpoint for your RDS instance you can find it in the RDS console
    RDS end point

  • 2,3 are the user name and password for your DB

Test your connection and voila you are connected to RDS.

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