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Solving Style Issues: Angular Material MDC Migration Guide

Angular Material MDC Migration

After migrating to the latest Material Design Components (MDC), many projects, including ours, have encountered style-related issues. In this write-up, we will explain how we resolved them.

We acknowledge that the core problem lies in creating components based on Material Components and modifying them to suit our specific use cases.

Here are the steps we followed to migrate from Material Components to Material MDC Components.

Note: You can Choose legacy components, but anyways we decided to go with MDC Migration.

Steps for MDC Migration

Upgrade Angular, Material, and run the mdc-migration script provided by the Material team.

You can either copy this code and create a batch file to run it or execute each step individually.

call npm i typescript@4.8.x --force
call npm i zone.js @angular/flex-layout@15.0.0-beta.42 @angular-eslint/builder@15.x @angular-eslint/eslint-plugin@15.x @angular-eslint/eslint-plugin-template@15.x @angular-eslint/schematics@15.x @angular-eslint/template-parser@15.x  --force
call npx ng update @angular/core@15 @angular/cli@15 --allow-dirty --force
call npx ng update @angular/material@15 --allow-dirty --force
call npx ng generate @angular/material:mdc-migration
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Update your theme file

@use '@angular/material' as mat;
$ec--mat-typography: mat.define-typography-config(
    $font-family: $aal-font-family,
    $headline-4: mat.define-typography-level($aal-font-h1...),
    $headline-3: mat.define-typography-level($aal-font-h2...),
    ...more settings
/* This is the new way of defining a theme from Angular 15 */
$ec--mat-light-theme: mat.define-light-theme((
  color: (
      primary: $aal--mat-primary-color,
      accent: $aal--mat-accent-color,
      warn: $aal--mat-warn-color
  typography: $aal--mat-typography,
  density: -1, // you can experiment with densities that suit your application

@include mat.typography-hierarchy($ec--mat-typography);
@include mat.core();
  It is important to include all component themes in the body
body {
    @include mat.all-component-themes($aal--mat-light-theme);
    @include mat.button-density(-2); // these densities make more sense for my project, feel free to experiment
    @include mat.icon-button-density(-2); // these densities make more sense for my project, feel free to experiment

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Search throughout your application and replace the following classes, if you have used them.

Here is a comprehensive list of classes that are not automatically migrated by "ng generate @angular/material:mdc-migration"

Component Old Class New Class
mat-tab mat-tab-label-active mdc-tab--active
mat-tab-label-content mdc-tab__content
mat-tab-label-container mat-mdc-tab-label-container
 mat-tab-list mat-mdc-tab-list
mat-tab-body-wrapper mat-mdc-tab-body-wrapper
mat-tab-label mat-mdc-tab
mat-tab-header-pagination-controls-enabled mat-mdc-tab-header-pagination-controls-enabled
mat-tab-header-pagination mat-mdc-tab-header-pagination
mat-tab-labels mat-mdc-tab-labels
mat-chip mat-chip-list mat-mdc-chip-list
mat-chip-list-wrapper mat-chip-list-wrapper
mat-checkbox mat-checkbox-frame mdc-checkbox__checkmark
mat-checkbox-label mdc-label
mat-checkbox-checked mat-mdc-checkbox-checked
mat-checkbox-label mdc-label
mat-checkbox-layout -
mat-button mat-button-focus-overlay mat-mdc-focus-indicator
mat-radio mat-radio-outer-circle mdc-radio__outer-circle
mat-radio-inner-circle mdc-radio__inner-circle
mat-radio-checked mat-mdc-radio-checked
mat-radio-label-content mdc-label
mat-radio-label mdc -label
mat-progress-bar mat-progress-bar-buffer mdc-linear-progress__buffer
mat-form-field mat-form-field-flex mat-mdc-form-field-flex
mat-form-field-wrapper mat-mdc-text-field-wrapper
mat-form-field-underline mdc-line-ripple
mat-form-field-subscript-wrapper mat-mdc-form-field-subscript-wrapper
mat-form-field-prefix mat-mdc-form-field-text-prefix
mat-form-field-suffix mat-mdc-form-field-text-suffix
mat-form-field-infix mat-mdc-form-text-infix
mat-form-field-label mat-mdc-floating-label
mat-dialog mat-dialog-container mdc-dialog__container
mat-dialog-content mat-mdc-dialog-content
No Change

Final Thoughts

It is highly likely that this setup may not be entirely comprehensive and depends on your project's settings. However, please feel free to add comments about your upgrades, as they may assist other projects.

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