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10 Mac Apps I Regret Not Using Sooner

Have you ever come across a piece of Mac software that radically transforms your workflow or simplifies a process you've been battling with for years? That's the beauty of the ever-changing world of software: there's always something new to learn. Here is a list of ten Mac apps that I wish I had discovered much sooner. These apps have made my digital life more manageable, efficient, and pleasant.

1. Bartender

Best app to manage menubar icons

If you're tired of a cluttered menu bar on your Mac, Bartender is the solution you've been looking for. It allows you to tidy up your menu bar by hiding menu bar items or rearranging them as per your preference. No more hunting for that one elusive icon buried under a pile of others.
It is very useful for those who have a notch in their MacBook.

2. NearDrop

Google Nearby Share app for macOS

NearDrop simplifies the process of transferring files between your Mac and nearby devices. Whether you want to share photos, videos, documents, or any other files, NearDrop makes it a breeze with its intuitive interface and seamless connectivity.

3. Dropover

Effortless Drag & Drop on your Mac

Managing files can be a hassle, but Dropover streamlines the process by providing a convenient way to move, copy, and organize files with drag-and-drop simplicity. It's like having a virtual assistant for file management tasks.

4. Intellidock

Hides the Dock. Automatically.

Intellidock enhances the functionality of your Mac's dock by intelligently Hiding the dock when it is overlapped by a window
So useful for those who has small-screen macbooks

5. App Cleaner

A perfect way to Uninstall mac apps

Over time, your Mac accumulates unnecessary files and clutter that can slow it down. App Cleaner helps you reclaim disk space by safely uninstalling unwanted apps and deleting associated files, ensuring your Mac stays clean and optimized.

6. AltTab

Windows alike tab manager

AltTab brings the convenience of Windows-style application switching to macOS, allowing you to quickly switch between open applications with a keyboard shortcut. It's a small tweak that can make a big difference in your productivity.

7. Sodutu

A perfect KDE connect client

For those who work across multiple devices, KDE Connect bridges the gap between your Mac and other devices running on Linux or Android. It allows seamless integration and communication between devices, enabling features like file sharing, notification mirroring, remote input control, and more. With KDE Connect, you can unlock a whole new level of synergy between your devices, making multitasking and collaboration smoother than ever before.

8. Linear Mouse

Very useful if you are using any external mouse with MacOS.

If you find the default mouse acceleration on your Mac too jarring or imprecise, Linear Mouse offers customizable mouse acceleration curves to fine-tune your mouse movement to your liking, resulting in a smoother and more precise cursor control experience.

9. Pure Paste

Paste as plain text by default

Pure Paste lets you paste as plain text by default. It sits in the menu bar and clears formatting (fonts, colors, bold, links, tables, etc.) from the text you copy. However, it does not touch unrelated content like files, images, etc. It also ignores content copied from password managers.
You can also choose to manually clear formatting whenever needed instead of automatically.

10. ReFlix

It's a small utility that lives in your menu bar.

Because the media keys in macOS control whatever app is foremost or last. Maybe? It's confusing.
Imagine you're listening to music, but you just clicked a YouTube link, causing a video to start playing. Of course you want to pause your music, so you hit the play/pause key. But it doesn't pause your music - instead, it pauses the video you're trying to watch. Frustration!
With Reflex running, the media keys are consistent and predictable, and they always do what you want them to do.


These daily-use Mac apps have significantly enhanced my digital experience, and I encourage you to explore them too. Feel free to try them out and share your feedback in the comments section. I'm eager to hear which ones you find most useful

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