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Technology stack for large simulations?


As I study Software Architecture I found a niche category of products on which I'm not familiar with, so I want to improve my knowledge, hence here I am.

I read about some studies done on Singapore and other few cities, about how resources are used, in order to measure any urban future decision impact has on it. Like for example what happens to the traffic if we add a new subway station here?

Read about the study here I don't think the results are public though.

My question is, do you know what is the technology stack of these companies? (Veolia, ForCity ...)., to build and run these models.

From what I could find out from a quick research is that they made their own web platform (ForCity hires for Python/PostgreSQL/JS stack), so I can assume some AI models? opposite to the old Matlab simulations.

Offtopic: When I was playing SimCity (for a long time), as a game dev, I was intrigued by their simple simulation systems (generators, resources and consumer), and how they have built complex systems based on a simple system like that.

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