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Sounds like using a 2tone truck to carry a 2kg IKEA mattress.


Not at all. Now I can stand up a WordPress site in minutes with two commands. No more starting instance, manually installing LEMP, configuring Nginx, install WordPress via web installer, etc.

Would it be overkill for a single quick idea? Sure. Has this already saved me hours of time on two other ideas? Yes.

At the end of the day though, it is not a fix-all solution. Just a tool that does a thing.


Sorry, my beef is with WordPress, I don't see its place in the current world.

As for Terraform is a great tool. From what I saw it plays better with Salt rather than Ansible, but I'm no expert in this field.

Ah, gotcha. I went with a CMS that had the largest name recognition. I will check out Salt. I went with Ansible due to it being agent-less. But, more tools for the tool bel is always good.

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