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For me the home assigments. It sounds good on paper but I refuse to them anymore

They are out of context, and they expect the solution not to be.

You have weird constraints without explaing why and how.

They expect to build a full small solution, production ready, in a couple of days, for free.

You do not have access to the specs owner to get more clarifications, like you have in any real project.

They do not see the thought process and what other alternative you could think of.

If you choose clean code they will say is not performant, and vice versa.

Once I had the assumption they want to see my coding style, and I specifically stated that I will not use a web framework just for that, but at work I will use. Of course they ignored that and it seems it was a blocker they did not specified.

And I mentioned you have to code in your spare time for free?

I prefer:

  • Pair programming a solution like that, with one of them
  • Discussions
  • Whiteboard so I can express all my ideas, approaches and solutions
  • Small coding problems to see my coding or just look at my github

Yes, if you can get a good programmer to pair with, paired programming is a good one. And hanging out, with whiteboard, maybe lunch...enough time to break the ice, relax the nerves, and start opening up and show your passion. So it's not like a get-this-right-the-first-time test.

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