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Yes, especially if you care about the engineering problems that Go try to solve in the Cloud.

Also it only has around 15 keywords, extremely simple to learn. While you were reading this article comments you could have learn 40% of Go.

Most haters will pinpoint superficial reasons, but once you understand why Go is this way you will appreciate its simplicity and see that there is no other way to solve them.
Most design decisions will enforce the devs to build a robust, easy to maintain codebase.

Who compares Go to C has no idea what he is talking about, I haven't see any C support for lambda functions, but I saw projects that had 80000LOC of C for a database connection transformed to 20LOC of Go. Most probably you will not see fridges and microwave software written in Go either.

Also based on your previous language experience you will appreciate the builtin tools and the new package management system, which compared to JS nightmare are a bliss.

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