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re: Engineering whiteboard interviews: yay or nay? VIEW POST


Great collection of answers!, this goes directly to my bookmarks.

I'm a software engineer and I do not hate whiteboard interviews.

When I say "whiteboard" I mean any env that lets you draw and type freely, from a physical whiteboard to

Like any tool, the whiteboard is the best fit for specific questions (about the candidate. how they think mostly), great way to express yourself, and it does not exclude the other types of interviews, I see them as complementary.

I think the statement "my devs do not code on whiteboard" is just wrong, if you know your language you should be able to code on toilet paper, the environment does not matter. And noone expects that the whiteboard code should be syntax error free, is about the main idea/algorithm.

I love whiteboards, we have them at work on every wall (kind of, glass walls), I have one at home, and it helps me solve any kind of problem, from data structures to life decisions. But depending on the company and role it may not be the best solution for the interview.


«if you know your language you should be able to code on toilet paper» this one goes straight to the list of my favourite quotes 👍


Not really. A lot of the roles I've come into, I've never done the particular language or technology that I'll be working with before. In this sense, whiteboard tests really do not apply.

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