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"Experts in the field don't rank programmer professionalism and discipline anywhere near the top of their priorities for preventing loses."

It will happen if more accidents will be software related. The number of source code lines is growing exponentially, the number of physical parts is not, so the chance of software failure will increase.

The "JavaScript" generation will have to replace the "Cobol/C" micro controllers programmers sometime, because of the age. What will happen with the professionalism then?

It may be that the current developers that work with software than can kill people is working at a higher standard, but this things will probably soon change. The demand is growing, the costs has to be reduced, the education system is flawed, most of the developers don't apply standard quality checks (global speaking), etc.

We should take all the info with a grain of salt, Uncle Bob is a human after all, he make mistakes and he thinks differently then me and you. I admire him but I take his lessons trough my firewall.

I think that Uncle Bob "awareness campaign" is good but way too small compared to the industry, it still haven't reached mainstream. Even if he hurt some programmer's feelings, I think he should continue and do this statements at a larger scale, maybe it will stop future bad thing happening.


Good points, especially:

  • the software part of the system is growing faster than the hardware parts, making future failures more likely in software
  • the older generation isn't training a newer generation to fill its shoes
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