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Discussion on: If you had to create a desktop app what tech stack would you use?

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Bennett Dungan • Edited

Yeah since Im only familiar web, I would have to opt for Electron as well. Seems like the easiest way to translate between the two platforms. Then again, Im sure it depends on what you're trying to build.

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Periklis Gkolias Author

It will not have performance heavy requirements, still I never liked the sluggish feel of electron apps

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John Peters • Edited

Visual Studio Code is Electron and fast. Used by millions every day.

The Top 20 Electron Apps

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Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Periklis Gkolias Author

Sure, I don't argue about that. Slack is Electron too and afaik no one is happy with the desktop app.

My point is that non electron apps seem to have better performance metrics compared to their electron competitors, usually observable by eye.

For example visual studio code is nice and I use it, though you can tell sublime is faster, without the need to use any tools.