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Discussion on: Is it just me or is Microsoft really crushing it lately?

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The tech industry seems to have a short-term memory. Microsoft and their practices seem to have taken a back-burner to recent publicity. People want to believe this company can change, but I try to read between the lines.

I've been running Linux on the desktop for 20 years and reboot into Windows to play games only. I've built software on Windows, Linux and Mac and the latter two are the only ones I've used in the past eight years for development.

Microsoft is a very convincing trap; if you think you can't live without Windows it behooves you to try running Linux or Mac for a year and then try to return to the hegemony that is MS Windows. Fifteen years ago the idea of MS supporting anything related to Open Source was laughable; Ballmer equated it to communism.

As the web evolved further and further away from MS and into UNIX/Linux, MS then changes its tune and wants in? If you can't lead, poison the waters?

You're all being had in my opinion.

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