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Vivian Cromwell for Between the Wires

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What’s New With Between the Wires

It has been seven months since Preethi and I launched “Between the Wires”, an interview series featuring makers of developer products. As we mentioned before, this is a passion project. We’ve loved every moment of talking to the founders and developers, and hope you’ve enjoyed the stories too!

Time to give a quick update:

  • So far we have conducted seven i nterviews and covered builders in the areas of cloud, JavaScript framework, Data Visualization, and web performance.
  • We have a total of 100K views with an average read ratio of 30% to 60%. Hacker News and Reddit are our most significant drivers of traffic.
  • We raised over $3,500 on OpenCollective to cover costs such as transcription and editing. Thanks to everyone who donated, and our amazing sponsors: Microsoft Edge team, Frontend Masters, and
  • We have moved our content from the current Medium publishing platform to WordPress, self hosted and deployed on Google Cloud Platform. The articles are still syndicated to Medium, though! This is for SEO reasons which is explained well in this article.

Now here comes to some exciting announcements!

  • Between the Wires is partnering with Free Code Camp and The Practical Dev to bring our stories to their users. That means all Between the Wires interviews will be syndicated to all three publications and made available to their users. This makes sense to us–Preethi and I only have one goal: to inspire others through the stories of founders and builders. Free Code Camp and The Practical Dev have the right audience. We’d also like to include a special thanks to Quincy Larson and Ben Halpern for the amazing opportunities!
  • Secondly, we are also expanding the scope of the interviews to cover developers, designers, and everything in between. With new tools such as Zeit, Figma, and React Sketch App, which help lower the entry barriers for designers and developers, we feel strongly that the two fields are merging. Preethi and I have backgrounds in engineering work, and have both dabbled in the design world, so it seemed a natural fit to cover both.

As always, please send us feedback at and suggest a candidate.

Stay hungry, stay foolish. Keep on building.

Preethi and Vivian

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