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Vivian Cromwell for Between the Wires

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Our OpenCollective Campaign

Today, Between the Wires is launching an OpenCollective campaign to raise $5000 for continued content in 2017.

Four Weeks In

It is exactly four weeks since we launched Between the Wires on Medium! In honor of this milestone, we thought it would be fun to share some of the initial data from the first three stories (Guillermo Rauch, Evan You and Chris Coyier ):

  • Medium: 68K total minutes read, 25K views and a read ratio of between 35% to 57%
  • Social media followers: 391 on Medium, 255 on Twitter
  • More than 15 candidates suggested via the online form by our readers

When Preethi and I began this project, we didn’t know if the community would be as enthusiastic as we were. We used the three initial interviews as a way to gauge community interest, and given the early positive feedback, we’ve decided to continue with Between the Wires!

Launching Our OpenCollective Campaign

In order to continue with Between the Wires, we need your support .

Today, we are launching a Between the Wires Campaign on OpenCollective. Our goal is to raise $5,000 to do 20–25 additional interviews in 2017. We welcome both community contributions and corporate sponsorships.

Developing these highly-polished interviews is a labor of love, and requires a good deal of time as well as cost. For each interview, we spend about 12 hours studying the candidate, completing the interview, taking the picture, editing and polishing the transcript, and finally publishing and promoting.

Our labor is free because it is a passion project, but we do need to look for community contribution to cover expenses such as transcribing, copy editing, camera equipment rental, and a few miscellaneous fees. All of our expenses will be submitted on OpenCollective to ensure 100% transparency.

How Can You Help

Between the Wires is made possible thanks to both community contributions and corporate sponsorships. Every dollar raised helps us reach our goal, and no contribution is too small.

If you’re eager to read more interviews from Between the Wires, please support us today!

Our Corporate Sponsorships

At the start of our OpenCollective campaign we reached out to a few organizations about the possibility of sponsorship. We’re excited to announce that we raised $2,000 from our first two sponsors:

Frontend Master

Frontend Masteroffers online front-end training by experts. The founder Marc Grabanski sponsored $1000. Thank you, Marc! offers bite-size video tutorials for web developers. They have also generously offered $1000. Thank you!

Microsoft Edge

[Update: 2/1/2017] Microsoft Edge joined and became our 3rd sponsor. Thank you!

Again, if you are interested in supporting Between the Wires with a corporate sponsorship please feel free to contact us on Twitter. Otherwise, we welcome all contributions, every level of support is greatly appreciated.


Vivian and Preethi

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