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Martin Alfke for betadots

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betadots GmbH wishes everybody a healthy and happy new year

We are proud to introduce our new team at betadots GmbH. At betadots, we train and support customers and our business partners. This enables us to help IT teams to learn and implement IT automation using Puppet and cloud technologies.

Through our experience with many different IT organizations and branches such as finance, telecommunication, healthcare, government, and online businesses, we have developed expertise to cover configuration and general IT service management; orchestration and insights; metrics and alerting; storage and network; and cloud and containers.

Our trainers have vast experience in training topics like Foreman and Katello; Puppet and Puppet Enterprise; Git and GitLab.

We are looking forward to support you and your company in DevOps culture, agile Ops methods and IT automation.
Please contact us at:

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