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Bervianto Leo Pratama
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ToDo App using Flutter and Appwrite - Part 1

Overview of My Submission

ToDo App is just a basic app that will help you to list your "todo" activities. Why I built this app? I just want to have fun and learn about Flutter and especially Appwrite. I think ToDo App is comparable with "Hello World" for beginners in Flutter like me.

Submission Category:

Wacky Wildcards

Link to Code

GitHub logo bervProject / todo-app-flutter-appwrite

ToDo App Flutter use Appwrite Backend

Additional Resources / Info

Anyway, this is still the first post and introduction. I will continue my post with my progress update. I've setup Appwrite Backend to AWS EC2 and the Backend is ready to use!


Appwrite Dashboard

My Github Repository is still empty or still initial project. I'm going to post about my integration with the Backend this week. So, stay tuned!

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