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Make my first project !

Hey there !

I don't know why but I want to tell you all that I just finished my first real project in development !

I'm a very noob dev who wants to learn, learn and learn everyday. I was lost at the begining so I decided to follow a Python RogueLike Tutorial here on
I have code everyday a bit. In three weeks, I've finished this tutorial and modify the code as I wanted. Add somes items, monsters etc.

I think I don't assimilated 100% of the tutorial but I earned some knowledge and skills and I'm proud of me.

I don't know what to do next and wish some advices from all of you. What should I do ? Keep following new tutorials ? Read some lessons ?

Anyway, I wish you all a very good day/night wherever you are on this planet

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Shrikant Dhayje • Edited

I Have only one advice learn based on what you want to be, not what can you be.

Means that there are many types of online courses whose just name is too cool to hear in programming and you started to learn it and waste your time like you want to be a web developer and watch more than hour course on YouTube of How to Make Game on Unity.

btw, Congratulations

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I see you got me right !

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Kennedy Rose

That's great! Good job! Next steps really depend on what you want to do. Everyone's path is going to look a little different. But ultimately, just pick a specific target, like a project you want to build, and learn only what you need to get there.

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Matt Ellen


The next step is to try smething more difficult. Practice, practice, practice!