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Bertil Muth
Bertil Muth

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Coding on the smartphone

Anybody doing that? Which language/IDE do you use? What are the benefits/downsides?

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Noah Trupin

On my smartphone I typically write in NASM assembly, and occasionally in C.

I must say, iSH ( is a GODSEND. It’s still only on TestFlight, but it has been the best tool I’ve ever used for developing on my smartphone.

It’s a full Alpine Linux Shell, complete with all the commands and programs you would expect! Get started with the built ins (like Vi), and install anything you want using apk (I’ve installed and use gcc, g++, nasm, vim, and tmux).

It is a bit challenging to code on a smartphone, with the smaller screen size and no real keyboard, but the ability to always have your projects and shell with you (iSH!) has always been a major benefit for me.