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Bertil Muth
Bertil Muth

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Cheap cloud

I am looking for a cloud provider that hosts:

  • a Spring Boot application
  • a relational database, preferably Postgres. With me having full access, of course.

At most 30 concurrent users. Cheapness and reliability is important.

Any suggestions?

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Dennes Kohl

For such a project I can recommend the already mentioned DigitalOcean offer, or as an alternative the German provider Hetzner Cloud. It has a somewhat more limited offer, but it is cheaper and complies with European data protection standards.

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rhymes • Edited

What about Digital Ocean ? They have cheap droplets on which you can install Java and Spring boot and they offer a managed service for PostgreSQL:

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Dhruvil Lathiya


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Danil Beltyukov

I think Scaleway will fit, have been using them since 2016. They have managed Postgres and cheap VPS. For your load you may use 2.99eur instance.