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Too good to miss ⭐

⭐ If you don't already know about it are giving free* 3 months of credits to initiatives fighting COVID19 ⭐

*You need to be eligible. So I've snipped that part and listed it below.

COVID-19 is creating challenges for all of us. Small businesses are being hit especially hard. With this assistance program, we want to lend what help we can to our most impacted customers.

We're offering our small business assistance program to heavily impacted people who meet some combination of these criteria:

  • You work in a business with 10 employees or fewer, or you're a solo entrepreneur.
  • Your business is privately owned.
  • Your business is impacted by "social distancing" in an outsized way.
  • The tourism, food service, hospitality, salon and spa, fitness, and education industries are some examples.
  • You're a paying Zapier customer as of 3/20/2020.

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