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To fetch or not to fetch? That should be an option.

Here's a use case which is part of many UX designs.

Use case: Cancel a download.

Use case description: The title of this use case is simply an analogy for a process which uses fetch and a process which can be cancelled using the AbortController.

Let us define the abort controller

The AbortController interface represents a controller object that allows you to abort one or more Web requests as and when desired. You can create a new AbortController object using the AbortController. ... Communicating with a DOM request is done using an AbortSignal object.

And a code example which can be copied into the console and executed.

// declare the variables and a dummy URI
let controller, signal, url = "";

// initialise the abort controller and store a signal
controller = new AbortController();
signal = controller.signal;

// a form upload function
const download = async () => {
    let data, response;
    try {
      data = await fetch(url, {signal});
      response = await data.text();
    } catch(e) {

setTimeout( () => {
}, 500);


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So there you have it. Downloads can now be cancelled 🦄

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