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Would get its image to be a useable glyphicon/icon for font-awesome, material design icons and possibly other widely used icon sets by developers?

This thought came to my mind as I was working on a portfolio example and wanted to add my link among the others (e.g.: Facebook, Hashnode, Quora, Linkedin, GitHub, ...) but neither font awesome nor material design had anything close or representative to the icon of this fantastic communal website.

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Someone opened this issue on the Font Awesome project

Add new branded icon for #12589 is a great platform which I have been using more frequently in the last couple of months. It has great articles and great discussions.

But Font Awesome never did anything about it. If anyone knows people at these orgs, feel free to politely poke them about this. :)

Everyone here is encouraged to go out and try to right these wrongs. For example, getting the DEV link on official websites is a great endeavor. Most can be accessed via PR, like this one.

Happy coding.


I created issue on Fork Awesome (its a fork of Font awesome but more items).

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Okay, I've bumped (well kinda) that issue you mentioned and I created one here for material design.


Also ForkAwesome (a fork of FA) has that in their todo list according to this.

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