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Berat Bozkurt
Berat Bozkurt

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I have a question for you, come here

Why should a person who wants to be a developer go to school for a few years? Actually not everyone can learn on their own? Can't they educate themselves?

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Alexandre Jacques

Yes they can. I'm a living proof of that: I don't have a degree and educated myself on programming. I'm 46 yo now and have been stable on jobs (looking for them and being hired) as long as I started my career 25+ years ago.

I've worked with former a medicine doctor, a former veterinarian and some people that migrated from other professions, all self educated.

Having said that, I surely lost a great deal of opportunities along the years. Some companies demand that, to be hired, you have to have a degree. For some you can be hired but for internal movements (to a manager position, e.g.) you should have one.

I'm from Brazil and here things are beginning to change about this requirements. It will always be something companies can rely on, even if its just for validation.

It's also a good idea to have a degree if you intend to move abroad. Companies, to justify your sponsored VISA, must ensure you have a degree (in US, at least).

So. It's possible but, take into account what you want/can do.

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Berat Bozkurt Author

Yes you are right. There are very successful people who are not trained in the industry. For the software world, I think this is yes. Because there are so many resources on the internet that we can consume them whenever we want. This is a very beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, you are right about the overseas incident. So I continue to be patient and waste time to finish my university education