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Discussion on: What is your Monday morning routine?

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Actually I have a simple kanban board for myself: Backlog - ToDo - Done.
Every evening I prioritise my tasks for the next day in "ToDo", so I end up with 3-5 Tasks for the next day. I put the tasks which are important and require the most focus first, followed by urgent tasks, which do not require a lot of focus, followed by the rest. I really try to cut the tasks so small that I can actually finish them on that day (does not always work) and move them to "Done". After one week, I archive the "Done" section to have a clean sheet and give myself a high five (:
It is very simple and helps making me the most productive, since I figured I can concentrate the best in the first 3-4 hours of my day.

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Waylon Walker

I really like the simplicity of a good Kanban board