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Part 1: Installing ROSS Can Be Hard, Let's Make it Easy

This is a post to keep track of setting up ROS on Ubuntu 18.04LTS because the first tries made me sigh more than I wanted to.

ROS Melodic Morenia (EOL May, 2023)

ROS' Installation Guide for Ubuntu

I'm assuming you have a fresh, unmodified Ubuntu 18.04LTS install!

Repository Initializations

  1. sudo apt update && sudo apt upgrade
  2. Allow Ubuntu repositories "restricted," "universe," and "multiverse." Software & Updates Settings
  3. In the same window select "Other software" tab. Select Add, paste from below: deb bionic main This repo is hosted at the University of Maryland. The link given in ROS's guide is broken. If you want to use a different one, click below. ROS Mirrors
  4. Apply/Close window. There's a good chance an error is thrown saying there's no public-key available.
  5. There's a good chance a missing public key error is thrown. Open Terminal and run the command below:

    sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 5523BAEEB01FA116

It's 12:37 AM, Iā€™m going to šŸ›Œ šŸ˜“ šŸ’¤
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