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👩‍🎓 Open Source Exam Simulator

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The last class I needed to pass before snagging my college degree entailed an Oracle Database Certification. The study material provided by the school was not enough to prepare students as evidenced by a course chatroom full of people complaining about failing miserably. I too failed my first attempt by 4 points 🤯. It turns out that the best way to study for these things is to find VCE files and a simulator to run them on.

The downside to VCE is that it often costs 💲💲💲 for the files, the simulator, or some sort of membership. Since I was majoring in Software Development I decided to make my own open source solution using JavaScript. As of today, everything is in alpha and I could use some feedback, exam creators or contributors to help move the project forward.

Exam Simulator

The simulator portion of the project is built with Electron and available for Windows and MacOS. I have not used/tested the MacOS version yet. Data for the simulator comes from JSON files stored on the user's local machine. I have built features including an exam timer, 4 question types (multiple choice, multiple answer, fill in & drag and drop list), exam review reports, saved exam sessions, exam validation and more.

Exam Maker

Even though exams can be created in any text editor I thought it would be a good idea to make online exam editor to create exam files and to act as a central repository for all exams. This site is a Next.js app with an Node.js backend and a Prisma database. Its up on Heroku on the free hobby-tier so it is sort of slow to boot. Users creating and sharing tests is what would make the app have value.

Moving Forward

Who knows. No one might ever use this thing 🤦‍♂️, but at least its fun to work on. Check out the following resources if you are interested. There is no shortage of bugs, performance optimizations to make and features to create.

Exam Simulator Download

Exam Simulator Docs

Exam Maker on Heroku

GitHub logo exam-simulator / simulator

👩‍🎓 JSON based exam simulator.

Exam Simulator JS

JSON based, open source and free exam simulator.

Windows AppVeyor

Macos Travis (.org)



This project is in alpha release. Stay tuned for lots of improvements and updates.


The app is free, but I won't turn down a donation. 🤑

GitHub logo exam-simulator / maker-frontend

Create, edit and share exams for Exam Simulator. Built with Next.js.

Exam Maker Frontend

GitHub logo exam-simulator / maker-backend

Apollo Express server for Exam Maker.

Exam Maker Backend

Travis (.org)

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cdndenver profile image
Chris Darrow

I just found this project of yours. I work unofficially with my fellow IT team members at my company work on passing their certification exams. I have been thinking about getting something like this setup that we can use. Would we be able to use VCE files that work with the avanset VCE player/designer? I would be happy to pay you if you could help get this up for us on our server.

shivanshusemwal profile image

finally after searching all the internet i got what i want but i still don't get how to use maker-frontend and maker-backend can you help me with that???

shivanshusemwal profile image

i mean how to set up exam-maker??

herland profile image

hi, thnanx for te application great work, but the exam-maker is offline, is possibly turn on?

benjaminadk profile image

yah it was a prototype site. i am working on integrating the maker into the desktop app currently.

carthikvp profile image

Ben, I would guess many people are eagerly waiting for this integrated app(Exam maker) along with the exam simulator app.

I would like to appreciate the work was done so nicely and cleanly. also, amend import from text kind of feature in the exam maker. Which saves considerable time for exam takers.

All our wishes and prayers to you to give us the final product. hope many of us are willing to do testing to make the product stable.


btmaple profile image

Downloaded the software and it looks like a good Alpha. However, the test maker site wouldn't let me join. What the best way to interact with you?

benjaminadk profile image

Thanks for checking out the app. A couple weeks ago the free heroku database got filled up. I am financially challenged right now otherwise I would pay for an upgrade. The cool part is that exams a fairly simple, if not a pain, to type out as a JSON file.

I did just delete some junk that was on there so you may be able to create an account now.

atlasgooner profile image
Ivor Ontita

Hi. I'm REALLY interested in this. I'd like to contribute my meager skills and resources however I can. Let me know how I can assist.

zimmer profile image

SIGH, doesn't work even if you try to import JSON file..

yonas profile image
yonas • Edited

it's was amazing to find free site, but it didn't work for me