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I had a lot of problems placing a non-scrolling navigation on my old personal website, because I wanted to support IE 6, but that did not support position: fixed


Unfortunately, the IE6 don't have the power to hold fixed position BUT we found a solution to that and you can try this code:

html, body {
   height: 100%;  /* to fixed the positioning of it's browser */

#your-id-selector {
   position: fixed !important;
   position: absolute; /* recommended for IE6 and above */
   top: 0;

Let me know if the code works for you. Have good one.

Reference: CSS-Tricks


Die, IE6, just die 🙏🤣🤣


Die, IE, just die... (there, I fixed it for ya) :))


IE6? That's ridiculous. Devs should just stop supporting any IE in 2020, let alone IE6...

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