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"ChatGPT" locally for everyone

Hello guys, I saw a very interesting project on GitHub a few days ago ( Dalai ) that uses this language model LLaMA or Alpaca to create a local web server with something a bit like "ChatGPT".

As Dalai needed lot of stuff to set up, python, git, npm, node, ...
I decided to just create a simple installer with Electron.

Image description

You just fill out a form and press install.
That's all. Dalai gets installed.

Image description

Image description

On top of that, I implemented start menu entries for Starting and Stopping Dalai. Awesome. Even autostart.

I created the whole project with Vue.js, Bootstrap and Electron.
If you like it, please check it out, try it, file issues, and please give me a star on GitHub. 🌟

Thank you guys! ❤

This is actually my first Electron project, while I did Vue.js already in past like at my personal homepage

Electron was a great experience, and I am going to improve the app and add support for Linux and OS X too. Also add dark mode and a whole management console. Expect great new features!

I am currently 14 years old, you can check out my other GitHub projects too:

Happy Hacking and have a good day!

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Great work champion :). We would like to use it for a project too