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Give a lightning Talk at DEV IRL Tel Aviv!

bengreenberg profile image Ben Greenberg ・1 min read

Do you have an idea you want to convey, something you learned or a story that you want to share? Come present it at the DEV IRL TLV🌴 meetup in September!

The first Tel Aviv DEV IRL meetup will take place on September 18th at the Vonage R&D Center on the top of the Alon Towers with a spectacular view of Tel Aviv. We're looking for people to share things they're passionate about with the community!

We are thinking about a few ten minute lightning talks on various subjects. So yalla! What are you waiting for?

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Want to find out more about the DEV IRL TLV🌴 group?

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See you soon! 👋

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Ben Greenberg


Rabbi turned Coder. Second Career Dev taking it one function at a time.


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Looks awesome!

Do you cover travel and falafel expenses for speakers? 😉


we could likely get you falafel. you'll have to check with Dev if they'll fly you out ;)



I actually just spoke to @peter and @jess at Codeland today and the Tel Aviv meetup came up!

The consensus was the travel expenses are on you...

On us?! Avital and @benhayehudi two simple devs from Tel Aviv? How did you even reach that agreement??

Sorry! I don't make the rules... 😂


Ohh no!! Can't believe I won't be able to make it to Tel Aviv! 😭
I hope more DEV events like this will take place in TLV!


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