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Ben Patton

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Shovels and Pick Axes

Today I was busy helping my family and forgot to post a blog article.

I intended to talk about startups and freelancing, that will come. But I just thought I’d mention briefly the perspective on the day.

I saw relatives I have not seen in a while. Some doing good. Some not so good. That is its own long post.

Today I worked. I tilled soil. Using old pick axes and shovels we tilled the earth. This is different from what I normally do but to be outside get my hands dirty was great. I got to serve my dad who had surgery. I got to serve my mom who wanted this done. And I got to do all of it with my wonderful wife in wonderful working weather.

If life hasn’t brought it to you yet, spend a day outside doing this type of work. It can be rewarding. Whatever time of day you enjoy being outside, spend time enjoying the day with loved ones. I love fall temperatures, 60–70 degrees. Being outside in the fresh air is incredibly restful for me and yet I don’t chose it enough.

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