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Inevitably we all face change in life. We all respond differently. Transition is hard. New jobs are difficult. So we know that change is a tender topic. That when someone wants to make a change that we don’t like or want, we react and respond in different ways.

But we all have something that we could work towards. Some change that we are trying to make.

I mentioned yesterday that I have been thinking a lot about the question that Seth Godin speaks and writes about. The question is, “What change are you seeking to make.”

I like this question because you can apply it to yourself right now. You may not know the answer but you can start working towards one.

But this also will bring about a time where you have to reckon with the fact that the change you are wanting is not ‘for everyone’. Many will and can benefit but many will be your ‘one-star reviewers’ when it comes to what you are trying to do.

Do you see things that can be improved at work? You already realize that there are more ‘senior’ employees and immediately (I do this) I start to think about ‘who am I, as a new hire, or relatively new hire, to bring this up and push for this?’ But if the change I am trying to make is significant enough it is worth fighting for.

Transforming your work is difficult but if you don’t work towards making the change you are seeking to make, no one else will.

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