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Your 2018 in Numbers

Ben Halpern on December 31, 2018

This is a great format for looking back on 2018: Ali Spittel πŸ’ @aspittel ... [Read Full]
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My year in numbers:

🏑 2 moves
πŸ“ 268 posts (including discussion posts etc.)
πŸ“– 795k post reads
πŸ’¬ 3,076 comments
πŸ’» 2,433 GitHub contributions
πŸ‘‹ 1 great community managed

If I think of more, I'll edit.

  • 100% code coverage of unit test for every single line of code I wrote
  • 1 great agile team formed
  • Joined 1 great blog platform (

100% code coverage of unit test for every single line of code I wrote


Was this enforced by the team/yourself/both?


I enforced it since 2016, I promise that to myself, and I'm happy to can stick to that. The point was, in the beginning, to show with an example that good unit test coverage (and have tests in general) pays off, relatively quickly. I can say there was some skepticism at the beginning of some colleagues, but now everybody takes it as a standard :)


🎀 15 presentations
πŸ—οΈ 2 workshops
πŸ“ 39 blog posts
🎁 5 new node packages
πŸ›©οΈ 15 trips
πŸ’» 5,089 GitHub contributions
🐦 2420 tweets
β˜• ??? coffee


Tweets is a good one! Mine’s around 8k. Lotsa tweeting.


My 2018:

πŸ“ 25 blog posts (since August)
πŸ“– 100k blog reads (since August)
πŸ›© 9 trips
πŸ’Ύ 2 database migrations
πŸ›  5 AWS services used at work
πŸ‘©β€πŸ« 12 analyst workshops presented
πŸ‘―β€β™€οΈ 10 junior analysts on boarded
πŸ“š 30 hours put into AWS study (since August)
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ 2 team β€˜awesome awards’ and year end winner
β˜•οΈ So much coffee ...


This is fun! Here's mine.

🏑 1 house purchased (with 2 acres!)
πŸ’Ό 1 promotion
πŸŽ“1 Completed Nanodegree!
πŸ€“ 2+ unfinished github projects
πŸŽ™3 tech conferences presentations
πŸ“ 11 blog posts
πŸ’» 312 Github Commits
πŸ““365+ days of bullet journaling
🐦 1190 Tweets
🎧 19,184 Minutes listed on Spotify

I wish I had stats from Grammarly or Pocket.

Is there an easy way to count lines of code in Github or otherwise?


🏑1 internship (abroad)
πŸ›©1 trip
πŸ“1 column in my school's magazine (my very first :3)
πŸ’»359 GitHub contributions
β˜•οΈ??? chocolate milk (coffee is really bitter y'all πŸ˜…)

I really like because the achievements of others inspire me but they make me anxious as well. This was actually a great way to think about what you have achieved this year.
Goals for 2019 would be to start blogging & contributing to open source!


Well done! Sounds like a great year, you should be really proud.

Looking forward to your first post :)


Maybe I'll add more if there's something I missed, but here you go.

πŸ‘Ά 1 New family member :)
πŸ“ 4 Posts
πŸ“– <400 Post reads
πŸ’¬ 112 Comments
πŸ’» 573 GitHub Contributions
🐦 250 Tweets
🎧 10,550 Minutes listening to Spotify

I'm definitely more a consumer than contributor right now. Β―\(ツ)/Β―

Of course, the GitHub commits above don't include what I've done at work (those are privately stored elsewhere), so there's that.


🏑 1 move
πŸŽ“ 1 Completed Nanodegree!
🌟 2 promotions
πŸ’Ό 2 job changes
πŸ“ 6 blog posts
πŸ‘€ 22,378 Total Post Views
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ 10+ people mentored
πŸ“– 34 books read
πŸ’» 1266 GitHub contributions
🎧 98,351 Minutes listed on Spotify
πŸ‘‹ 1 great community joined
β˜• NaN coffee overflow

Pretty solid year overall :)) Hope that 2019 would be good as 2018 if not better


Thank you :)
I've finished Front-end nanodegree this summer

Were you part of the Grow with Google / Udacity scholarship too? I was in the Mobile Web Specialist group and finished it in October.

Nah, I was a participant in the European Google challenge that had started in November 2017. Congrats on finishing it! :)


My year in numbers:

🏠 1 house bought
πŸ‘¨πŸ»β€πŸ’» 1 new job started
πŸ“Ή 6 coding livestreams
πŸ“ 12 posts posted on
πŸ‘€ 26,560 reads on
πŸ’» 453 GitHub contributions
πŸŽƒ 1 successful Hacktoberfest
🀐 1 secret project started


Haha it's only a secret because I don't have any idea where it's going yet. But I have technically started working in it and I am very excited. 😁😁



↗️ 87k lines of code
🍺 200 beers
πŸ“„ 23 new blog posts
πŸ“‘ 3 thesis
πŸ“– 607k unique visitors, 910k reads
πŸ’Έ Put money aside for my family
▢️ 3 movies
πŸ’© 1 puppy (or, terror in training)
πŸ™„ 20 pairs of socks eaten by puppy


Late to the party, but I just published my year in review and here are the numbers:

🏠 1 new house
πŸ›‚ 1 permanent residency
☎️ 4 years at Twilio
πŸ“ 21 blog posts
πŸŽ™ 12 talks given
πŸ’» 582 GitHub contributions
πŸ’Ž 5 new libraries released
πŸ™ 11 cities visited
🌏 6 countries visited
🍻 296 new beers


πŸ’» Started in May and got 229 Contributors since
πŸ“ Published 7 Posts on here
✈️ Took only 2 flights
πŸ™ Attended 3 conferences
πŸ“– Read 8-10 Books
🌎 Went through 1 depressive episode about climate change


2 maker faires manned
1 new workshop presented
40 new roboticists assimilated
2 open source projects created
2 inner source projects created
1 new job started
10k miles of road trip driven
1 pair of shoes worn out
1 makerspace joined
2 major life milestone passed


My 2018 in numbers:

πŸ’»1,997 GitHub Contributions
πŸ’»10 GitHub Open Source Contributions
🎁 Discovered 20 new npm packages
β˜•οΈ700 cups of coffee (averaging 3 a day at least!)
🎧 27, 220 Minutes listening to Spotify
πŸ›©οΈ 3 trips

P.S. Awesome post and great idea!


πŸ“– 1 book
πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’» 2 projects
πŸ“œ 2 certificates
πŸ“ 44 posts

I would have expected fewer posts, something around 30.


Wow nice! I wish I will be that prolific next year too!

I will cheat a bit and conclude my parental leave summary which had ~2 years. I was lucky and found some extra time to advance my career beside all the family time. I will write more about it in a post (wishful thinking).

Brick by brick, step by step build your own path towards the end goal!


My year :)

πŸ’» 176 GitHub contributions
🎀 1 presentation
πŸ›©οΈ 3 trips
πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“ Started University
πŸ’Ό Started first job in tech
β˜• 0 Coffee


🏑 1 Move
πŸ‘‹ 1 new Job
πŸ’» 3 new Projects
πŸ’» > 2000 commits
🐱 1 new Cat
🎸 1 new bass guitar
🚍 +/- 5 trips
β˜•οΈ So much coffee


1 move
6 meetups joined (Seattle has so many...)
3 posts (
1 conference talk (hoping to step up this year!)
10 books read



🎀 3 presentations
πŸ“ 47 blog posts
πŸ’» 1958 github contributions
🎁 3 new clojars
⛰️ 14 mountains climbed
🎢 44208 plays on
🐘 7138 toots
β˜• more coffee than i'd like to admit


Remember, it's just for fun. Not a competition.

Right. Right. Right... Riiiiight...

But what do we win???

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