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Who's using Service Workers?

DEV runs on Service Workers...

I'm wondering if any of the projects y'all work on are making use of this yet, or if you want to identify popular websites that use Service Workers. I know Twitter is one.

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Adrian Bece • Edited

My personal website is using a service worker: It made the website load pages super-fast after the first load. It's amazing!

Also, my company's website is using one:

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Your personal website looks awesome!

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Hanan Hamza

hey man, maybe it's just me but the background color for your company's website is annoying

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TJ Wright

To be fair, their hiring page says they're hiring like three designers πŸ˜…

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Yes, Tooo sharp

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Saurabh Sharma is one.

Our site will be using it but it's not live yet, Actually service worker are kind of cool, imagine you can keep your Netflix content offline, without having to install a native app.

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Browsers, I guess.
Sorry @ben , I couldn't stay silent ....

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Rahul Nanwani

We think Service Workers are a great asset! We offer a service worker in our tool as well, particularly to use for network-based optimizations. We're an image optimization tool, and they help improve a website's performance and are particularly useful when leveraged for such a use case.
Internet speeds are never constant, and they vary from region to region. It makes sense to use a service worker to maneuver these instances.

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Morgan Murrah

I have added basic , I mean basic , service workers to many projects and my personal website.

Basically the only thing I use them for is showing an offline page

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Shannon Crabill

Not yet, but I learned about and implemented one for the Udacity capstone project in 2018.

I'd like to do more with them, but it hasn't been a priority.

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I am still working on my personal site's back-end (Django + Ariadne GraphQL), so not yet, but I definitely intend to add service workers and offline data storage (and GraphQL subscriptions).

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Hammed Oyedele • Edited

My company's website is using it at and also as a Web Design and Development agency, we use it for most of our clients websites e.g etc.

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My Personal website is using a service worker :

Some of my personal Angular App and Laravel app I am implementing service worker.

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I found this article interesting when it comes to service workers:

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Sebastian Vargr

I get by mostly with caching headers.

I’ve yet to be in a situation where I need/can-afford the offline or slow/bad connection handling. :|

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Sid Vishnoi

I made a tool that uses Service Workers to generate PR previews for a specification writing tool, without using an actual server

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My company uses it intensively. For pretty much every new project (we make online shops). You can checkout it here: