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Ben Halpern
Ben Halpern

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What cloud services do you use? (Personal and team)

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Joe Mainwaring • Edited on

I'm probably forgetting some, but this is a fairly comprehensive list of the cloud services I use for work:

  • GCP: This is primary cloud provider and we try to stay in-cloud as much as possible.
  • AWS: Legacy services that weren't worth the hassle porting to GCP, like s3. Also, we just acquired a company who's product is fully rooted in AWS, so our footprint has expanded.
  • MongoDB: MongoDB drives two of the applications that make up our platform.
  • MailChimp: Transactional emails (technically this is Mandrill but they dropped the branding?)
  • Confluent: Data pipelines within the application
  • Hevo: Data pipelines from third-party sources into our BigQuery data warehouse
  • Pusher: Real-time notification events for one of our legacy applications
  • New Relic: Performance Monitoring
  • DataDog: Synthetic Tests
  • Sentry: Front end monitoring
  • Elastic: For our application's activity feed
  • Lokalise: Automated translations using CI/CD
  • BrickFTP/ SFTP option for our customers to transmit HRIS files for processing
  • Cloudinary: Image transformations
  • Pager Duty: MTTR tool
  • Velocity Code Climate: A metrics tool which allows you to measure the performance of your engineers. I know that might sound controversial to some, I would encourage you to read the book Accelerate to understand the value such a tool provides.
  • Atlassian JIRA/confluence: Project Management
  • Github: Source Control
  • Okta: Single-Sign On
  • CircleCI: Continuous Integration & Delivery. Check out my post A Litmus Test for CircleCI to understand why we picked Circle
  • FreshDesk: Customer-facing support tools
  • Slack: Asynchronous Comms
  • Zoom: Synchronous comms
  • GSuite: Email
  • Coder: It's Github Codespaces, but for the enterprise
  • Databricks: Data analytics
  • GRS: A Third-party rewards fulfillment system with country-specific catalogs
  • Catalog API: Another rewards fulfillment service, better suited for domestic (US) audiences
  • Lacework: Intrusion Detection and compliance monitoring
  • Apptio: BI tool for monitoring your cloud spend

Personally, some services I use in the context of software development:

  • Cloudflare: DNS
  • IoT management & deployment of containers
  • Digital Ocean
  • Heroku
  • Twilio: SMS messaging
  • Stripe: Payments
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Ben Sinclair

At work, Bitbucket, Jira, Confluence, AWS, Acquia, Cloudflare, Mailchimp, and a zillion other things depending on the client - though we're moving to Microsoft-everything at some point because Parent Company Reasons.

Personally, I use Bitbucket/Github for VCS, Google Drive and Dropbox for backups (via Duplicati). That's about it. If I want the world to see a pet project I put it on my creaking, overloaded VPS.

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Posandu πŸš€

Firebase (Favorite)

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Ashwin Hariharan • Edited on
  • GitHub for open source code
  • Gitlab for some private personal projects, and also the code + content of my tech blog
  • Netlify for hosting my tech blog
  • Heroku for deploying few projects/proof-of-concepts from work and for my tech tutorials
  • Namecheap for domains and an official mailbox
  • Several AWS services for stuff at work (S3 for large media storage, OpenSearch for Search services, Lambda for serverless functions, etc)
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Liviu Lupei

We're still using Namecheap as a domain provider.
And we also used them as an official mailbox, but it was a bad experience.

Their Private Email interface was down 5% of the time, with long maintenance windows.
And their IP Reputation was bad as well, a lot of the emails we sent ended up being in Spam folders because of that.
We switched to Google Apps for email and it was an instant boost.

I hope they made some improvements since then.

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Ashwin Hariharan

Woah, didn't realize that! I probably should go do some reading on this, thanks for letting me know!

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Will Holmes


  • Vercel: NextJs hosting
  • PlanetScale: Serverless MySQL databases
  • Netlify: Small react app hosting
  • AWS: Has the easiest to access / manage free tier of all providers imo.
  • MongoDbAtlas: Cluster is cool, but limited.
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Muhammad Uzair

AWS (S3, EC2)
Firebase (push notifications)

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Liviu Lupei

Found the mobile developer.

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Muhammad Uzair

Nope, I am Backend developer.

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IroncladDev • Edited on

The main cloud service I use daily for playing around is Replit. Otherwise, I use vercel for hosting sites, cloudflare for domain management, and MongoDB for databases.

AWS has traumatized me due to the way their customer service was and how much they charged for hosting a few python websites (Almost $400 a month!)

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Liviu Lupei

I've been using AWS since 2014.

How did they charge you $400 for hosting a few websites?
What services did you use?
An EC2 instance with 2 GB costs less than $0.02 per hour, which translates into less than $14 per month.

I never contacted their Support for technical questions or issues, since their documentation covered everything I needed.

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Liviu Lupei


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Sherry Day
  • Heroku
  • AWS S3
  • AWS Lambda
  • Redis Cloud
  • Cloudflare

There are certainly others, but these come to mind as main services my team uses.

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Linode, bitbubket and github

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Dario Cruz • Edited on

As a frontend developer (mostly) my favorite stack is

  • Github for both personal and at work
  • Github actions for CI, but most companies use Jenkins
  • Firebase for hosting personal projects. For projects with a build-in backend, I use Heroku.
  • Jira and Confluence for professional projects. Meistertask and Dropbox Paper for personal projects, are not conventional tools but are very useful.
  • Codesanbox and Codepen to quickly share some working pieces of code.

That's it! I use those tools to write SPAs and POCs most of the time, and sometimes a simple backend with Node.js.

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Samuel Overton Jr.

For work, Cloudflare is probably our favorite, S3, Digital Ocean.

Personally, I use Digital Ocean, Cloudflare, and Backblaze. I'm going to try out soon for a personal project.

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Ishaan Sheikh

All Microsoft at work.
Personally I use Netlify, heroku, AWS and cloudflare.

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Arnaud Dagnelies

Hetzner for servers, Cloudflare for DNS & co.

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Heroku and aws:)

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Drew Ronsman

Redis enterprise

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Atharva Shirdhankar

GitHub, Azure, Digital Ocean, Heroku.

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Tawhid • Edited on


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Atul Prajapati

I haven't used anything like that yet :(

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Shrikant Dhayje • Edited on

i Use replit, heroku, github action and pages and CodeSandBox also the Google Colab in Google Drive for testing django project in Google Drive

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Thew • Edited on

VPS: DigitalOcean Linode
Storage, Backup: Wasabi
DNS, Domain, Zero trust, Proxy, Tunneling: Cloudflare
Web hosting: Vercel
Code hosting: GitHub

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Tiffany White
  • GitHub
  • Netlify
  • Webflow for our landing page but we're rethinking this
  • Mailchimp
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Phil Ashby

Atlassian and Azure for FUNcube satellite stuff

GitHub and Azure. I'm trying to stay away from Amazon generally...

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Hayden Wadsworth
  • Cloudflare
  • AWS S3