Two things you can do to improve your DEV home feed

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read
  1. Go to /settings/ux and select your "experience level" from 1-5 whether you consider yourself a newbie or an experienced dev. This will gently tailor content more to your level.
  2. Go to /dashboard/following_tags and raise the "weight" of the tags you would like to see more of. You can fiddle with this over time. I personally have #meta as my highest weighted tag because I really want to see when folks post about DEV.

Happy coding ❤️


Editor guide

Here are my top-weighted tags all in all.

top tags


I set some a while back and wasn't really sure if it was working. What's the range of accepted values and how do they work?

I set a particular tag to 2.0 and seems like I still miss posts and occasionally still manually check the tag.


Is there a way to opt out of / ignore certain tags? For example, if I want to see posts about java but not android?


I don't see a button to save my preferences. Are those even saved? I see those reset when I refresh my page. Am I missing something?


There's "Save" button right next to the input :)

Silly me! How could I miss that? :/


Amazing! Thanks for the tip.


Thanks for the tips. You folks are the best.


Oooh awesome tricks!


The experience level selection for me is a bit weird, because I may be quite experienced in one topic, but not even close to understand anything on a different topic

so setting a generic "level" doesn't really make sense, atleast for me


Yeah that’s why it’s an emphasis on gently. It’s not going to radically impact your feed but will be a subtle indicator.


What are the upper bounds? Or is it a "in relation to each other" type of thing where we have our own scale?

Could I follow a tag I don't like (i..e #Career, #Productivity, etc) and give it a weight of zero to ignore it, since there are no "I dont want this tag" sort of thing? Would make my experience much smoother! :)


alrighty follow weight is probably the coolest feature I've seen


Thank you.

Is it available to explore 'All' tags feed (including the ones I am not following)?
I just don't know if it's available and I have to sign out or explore the website in incognito mode to do so.


There are great. Are there any other options to turn off seeing comments in the main feed? I think that's one annoyance for me.


How do you add more tags? Or delete?


Thanks for the tip!


Awesome, Thanks!!


Thanks so much for the tip! The ux page even made me realize there is a dark mode setting that I never thought to look for before, so doubly helpful!


I never even knew about the weighting, thanks for pointing this out. That will teach me to look around more!


I have to admit I don't understand what the "Following users" tab (/dashboard/following_users) is supposed to display.

Indeed, at this time, it seems to inventory exhaustively all people who have written articles that I've added in my "Reading list".

Automatically adding people to this list when I simply save their articles in my "Reading list" seems to me a somewhat unexpected behaviour.