The fact that I barely know how to use git has been biting me in the butt a lot lately 😭

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Easily the weakest part of my dev game is git, which is probably the most universally important tool to know.

I've been painting myself into frustrating git corners lately and I think I need to expand the number of commands I truly understand.

Thank you for listing ❀️

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Personally I use GitHub desktop

$ brew cask install github

I know, no real developer and no true scotsman should use a GUI for git.

But in fact, GitHub desktop is 10 times more usable than the command-line.


Hang in there. Everyone goes through this.

99% of the issues come from not quite understanding how git tracks changes when you try to merge.

Frustrating but learnable.

.05% come from a bad rebase. This is a hellscape.

.05% is forgetting to add a file when you commit.

cd ..
rm -rf project
git clone PROJECT_REPO
cd project
# start again

I've done this too many times in my life.


Same. Haven't had any major accidents in years, thankfully, but it's cryptic for sure.

I quite enjoyed this talk: Rules to git by. It probably won't help with your issues, but if you've got 45 minutes to spare, it's worth a watch.


There is not shame on it, I been using it since late 2017, is better late than never.
Also is recommend to focus learning to use it through CLI instead of desktop, there is more power via CLI 🀘


A great way to learn is by getting started with a git client. Then extrapolate what you're doing. Some clients will even show logs of the commands that get run when you push the buttons.

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