Seeking New Focus Music For Coding? Try Loopsy Dazy

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Loopsy Dazy is a live-looping acoustic-electronic project led by Mikey Dorje on acoustic guitar, synth, beats and effects, with frequent accompaniment by Eleanor Edgar on violin and effects, Brad Weber (aka Pick a Piper, aka Coy Haste, member of Caribou) on drums and synth and Adam Jenkins on bass.

This has been my go-to focus music of late, so I'd definitely recommend it either way, but I'm also recommending it because they are led by my brother Mikey. Mikey also writes code and is a DEV member @mikeydorje .

Follow them on Spotify or wherever you listen to music. It's great headphone music.

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Try anime openings songs, lyrics won't affect as you won't understand a thing :P and there's full range of bits, I find it specially good for when I'm needing a performance boost.

System Of a Down + a Red Bull is a great convo when the dead line is coming over :D


You should check out Sean Schafianski on Spotify, he does modern rearrangements of old video games or re-arrangements of new ones, like "Jazz Arrange Version: Octopath Traveler".


What if it does affect him? He could have the lang.Japanese.*; library imported....


Try this

GitHub logo sarthology / ProjectSoundtracks

🎧 List of best Soundtracks to boost your Productivity and Focus

Complete Albums

1. Interstellar OST 🚀

🎼 Music Composer: Hans Zimmer

👍🏻 Best for: Brainstorming and Discussions 🧠

🔗 Links: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud

2. Pirates of the Caribbean ⛵️

🎼 Music Composer: Hans Zimmer

👍🏻 Best for: High Concentration Works 🔥

🔗 Links: Spotify, Youtube

3. The Dark Knight Rises 🦇

🎼 Music Composer: Hans Zimmer

👍🏻 Best for: High Concentration Works 🔥

🔗 Links: Spotify, Apple Music , Youtube, SoundCloud

4. The Theory of Everything 🌌

🎼 Music Composer: Jóhann Jóhannsson

👍🏻 Best for: Deep thinking and Creative work ✍🏼

🔗 Links: Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube, SoundCloud

5. Hobbit/Lords of the ring 🌋

🎼 Music Composer: Howard Shore

👍🏻 Best for: These albums are Jack of all 💍

🔗 Links: Every easy to find but still Spotify, Apple Music, Youtube

6. Man of steel 💪🏻



Most of presented playlists is not suitable for programming, specially when you work at pressure. so i think it is better for each developer to progressively listen tracks and delete ones who not good for him at work. sorry for english.


Great reminder! I used to use Their music is designed for reaching mental states. You can get more informations here:
I had the luck to buy a lifetime membership for less than a year costs now when they were in their beginnings. But 50$ / yr is also fair in my opinion. I recommend to give it a try.


I just heard "underground," "sounds," and "La Lune".
Definitely worth adding to my playlists and following him!
Just awesome how the combination of so simple beats creates a nice variety that doesn't get boring over time 👍


I have a power metal playlist that I cycle periodically when I'm coding. And a classic rock one, and one of electro swing.

Even music you love can become boring if repeated way too often.


If nothing else, I just love the name. Will give this a listen, I think it's just as important to change up the background audio while working just like any other play list.


Ooh. Good, I'm gonna give this a try. If you like hard rock, you can also give this playlist a try.

I listen to this when I need to get pumpep up. 🤘🏼


Thanks for this, Ben, this will help me greatly. I bet you have a great taste in music too by the way it seems!


Reminds of a T shirt I saw at a conference. It said "Good Programming Is 3% Talent And 97% Not Getting Distracted By The Internet" :-)


I recommend music from Monofónicos Netlabel. Music from Colombia.


You could also use or . Both provide a selection of ambient sounds and you can mix your own. Also good for meditations :-)


Wow this is great timing for me. I was just browsing spotify looking for some good focus music that isn't distracting. Going to give it a listen now!

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