Ruby Now Supported Natively on AWS Lambda

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I don't have much more context than this:

But... I'm very happy.

Ruby seems like a great fit for Lambda and anything non-natively supported is often just not worth it.

Ruby's benefits—simple and readable syntax, great for scripting through small problems—strike me as just right for a serverless environment. Ruby isn't exactly natively great at the kinds of things we ask it to do as a server-side language powering Rails etc.

Anyway, as a Rubyist, this is lovely to me. I'd love to hear others' takes.


This is exciting. Can finally stop writing JS just for Lambda!


While I don't care too much about Ruby, it's cool that they used this Ruby implementation to build the foundation for other runtimes, like C++ and Rust


I know this has been one of the most requested languages for Lambda and it's big they crossed this milestone. But, more important in my eyes is their introduction of Custom Runtimes. Essentially giving you the ability to run Lambda in the language of your choice so long as you adhere to the specification. That is massive.



This really takes Lambda “out of beta” in my eyes.


I just released v1.34.1 of the serverless framework which now includes a ruby template making it super easy to get started! ⚡️💎

npm i -g serverless
sls create -t aws-ruby
sls deploy

Awwwwww yissss. I have missed writing ruby and want to get back into it now that I’ve gone freelance.


Lambda is killer! finally I can just drop JS to move something more TypeSafe.


Haha you're on fire today 😂

Great news for all Rubysts!


It looks like a boatload of languages was added in one shot, but hey, congratulations to everyone! It's always pleasant to be able to maintain a uniform stack. 😇


I don't care about concurrency writing with nodejs is 8.6 so painful compared to using ruby.

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