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Google had major outages on Sunday

ben profile image Ben Halpern ・1 min read

👉 Google’s Cloud outage is resolved, but it reveals the holes in cloud computing’s atmosphere

Five hours after Google publicly announced that it was working to resolve an outage in its Cloud computing network that had taken out a large chunk of Google services as well as Shopify, Snap, Discord and other popular apps, the problem seems to be resolved.

Major hug ops to the folks at Google debugging and working hard on the weekend to resolve the issues. I can only imagine the difficulties of working through infrastructure problems of this magnitude.

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Yaser Al-Najjar

It's pretty forgivable as Google ain't commonly known of such outages...

Actually, that's what I love about Google, Amazon, and Microsoft. I feel the robustness when I use their products (esp. Google search engine).

The oppoisite goes with Facebook; I feel it has always been fragile, and I hate it for that!

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Ben Halpern Author

I feel like Google practically invented modern high-scale architecture. With an origin story as an academic project with major scaling ideas built in as a principle concept, it kind of makes sense that reliability has always been their core thing—vs Facebook which was a PHP app scaled by any means necessary along the way, makes sense that they wouldn’t be known for reliability per se.

But these companies all pull off amazing things in this regard. There are plenty of reasons to criticize the tech giants, I’d say reliability isn’t one of them. They all do fairly amazing work.

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Shreyash • Edited

Isn't that how you "Move Fast, Break Things ?"


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Meghan (she/her)

Additionally, Ycombinator thread1 with some comments from googlers.

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After using Google for so many years, it is rare to find that Google will fail, which is also due to Google's strong technical support.
The downtime of Google’s cloud service, although it’s been a long time, is still relatively small. Google can solve the problem so quickly, it is worthy of admiration!

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Thomas H Jones II • Edited

which is also due to Google's strong technical support.

Now, if only their customer support were even within a couple orders of magnitude as good. :p

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This was backbone. took down so much.

Goo are in trouble Ben.

  • if you know what I know then you know to be concerned. It's one thing to be a bad company. It's another to do what was done. It's all documented.

I know, tech ppl don't like to address this type of stuff (though risk is reward) but none of it was me. Look at what many experts from that era are saying/doing.

There was plenty of stable scaled tech pre Google. Akamai. Aol.

Microsoft once thought it could own the Internet. That is not being allowed to happen twice. You wouldn't be able to have this site if people didn't fight back then. Same applies now. Sides get noticed.

Sorry goo people (I know ppl there since skiing days, I would have done a worse job for sure + I would not be in tech) but that is that.

Origin story. 👀

On that note, I am done.


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Adam Crockett

Not just a simple "have you tried turning it off and on again".

Or perhaps it was, we will never know.

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Michiel Hendriks

Quite often the bigger the problem, the easier it is to detect the cause and solve it. You just need to hope that the cause is within your domain to solve.

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Meghan (she/her)

This was caused by an outage at Level 3, a national backbone ISP.

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Thomas H Jones II

So... Would this account for why my Google Home kept telling me there was an error when trying to control my IoT bulbs? I'd assumed it was a problem on the part of the bulbs' manufacturer's plumbing.

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Jason Huebel

I noticed my Google Home Mini wasn't acting right yesterday when I tried to change the temperature on my LG air conditioning unit. Other than that, I didn't really have any issues here in SE Texas.

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Solomon • Edited

I pity the people who follow support accounts on social media...