Do you have your next vacation planned?

Ben Halpern on July 04, 2019

Any time off in your future?

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Currently on my 4th week on the yearly holiday, returning to the office next Monday. I try to keep 4 weeks of holiday during summer and 1 during winter and then I'm lucky enough to work for a company that is flexible enough that I can take unpaid holidays to have longer weekends or recover every now and then with extra days off.


Those 4 weeks in summer... is this some Scandinavian thing? I heard, that in Sweden, usually in july everything stops, because who ever can, takes the whole month off.


Yeah, I live in Finland where you get 2.5 days of paid mandatory vacation per month worked which totals to 30 days. For each 5 days of holiday spent, you also lose one extra day (some old rule from the days when people worked 6d/wk).

So that makes it basically 5 weeks of holiday and people usually spend 4 of those during the summer and 1 during the winter.


I'm going to take the first week of the Fringe off. I've lived there for 15 years, work at the place that built half the software, and I've never really been to anything before :)


Oh ho! I thought your name looked familiar!
I built a Fringe website that uses the API I believe your company provides.


It's possible... I'm not sure we do the API though, I think we just do the sites.


I used to live on the Royal Mile for three years, Fringe time was always mental! But super fun. Never took the week/month off but always caught a lot of shows.


I'd love to go to the Fringe! I really need to try and do it sometime.


I'm planning to take a week off before I take my JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test) to get in some last minute study.

I'll probably use the rest of my leave on some time off over the Christmas and New Year's break.


N2! But I'll be very underprepared so I'm not sure I'll pass. But I think N3 will be a bit too easy for me so I wanted to aim higher :)

I've been in Japan for 23 years and I never tried the test. Every time I open a text book I feel I'm ok with N2 and I need to crank up for N1, but besides for specialized vocabulary N2 is what you need to consider yourself "fluent" (then you need to practice your fluency, obviously :) I decided to take on Chinese because I thought it would be boring (not pedantism intended...) to start learning the kanjis I'm not familiar with in Japanese. Also, I want to read "The Three Body Problem" in Chinese :)

Ooh, that's a good book! My Japanese reading goals are Harry Potter and Silence by Shusaku Endo.

I read Shusaku Endo a lot when I was back in France. He writes beautiful texts. Now I'm reading Tawada Yoko. She writes in Japanese as well as in German (she's been in Germany for the last 30 years). She has a book that you'd probably like: 「エクソフォニー 母語の外へ出る旅」, and she write really interesting novels too. I'm reading 雪の練習生 at the moment.


First I read "any time off in your furniture?"

I definitely need vacation.


Going to Florida at some point in the coming few months. Will be the first time our whole family has been back to the States together since we moved abroad a year ago! (Yes, a trip to Disney World is definitely happening.)


I’m planning my next 3 vacations at the moment. I spent the last year of my life in overdrive with no break in sight. I hurt people close to me because I got so high strung. I’m not making that mistake again.


I’ll take two weeks off on August/Sept.

One to spend with my father (haven’t seen him in over a year!) and the other one I’ll be visiting southern Chile with my girlfriend :)

So right now we’re checking out hostal pricing, plane tickets, alllll that jazz. Woohoo!


I'm going to Disney World in February with my sister, her friend, and the friend's boyfriend, but other than race registrations, nothing is planned for that trip. I do have tentative dates in my head ... does that count?


I am actually on holidays from my grade, and it means a lot of free time to... Hard study JavaScript. Hahaha

Me and my partner will go away some days out to Málaga, Spain to visit some friends and spend 5 entire days playing modern boardgames.


Leaving for Athens to see my family in a month, and then off to Vancouver and the surroundings in September ! Can't wait to disconnect for a short while 😄


I wish, this summer I sacrificed beach time in order to do my internship alongside taking a summer class so I can graduate in the fall. Next summer I be able to plan more trips since I'll hopefully have a full-time job, with little to no debt

  • I'm going camping this weekend with my developer friends. (Tekirdağ-uçmakdere/Turkey)
  • Next weekend, I'm going for a ride with a friend. (Ankara/Turkey)
  • I'm going to attend the training camp next month. (hacknbreak.com/)
  • I have a plan to visit Ukraine in two months after. (An estimated 3 days. Kiev/Ukraine)

I think I made a little too much vacation plan. :)


I just got back from a 2 week trip to Iceland. Long story short. You should go to Iceland.


Absolutely! I leave Monday night for Illinois where I'll spend just over a week hanging out with my best friend. I'm borrowing a computer while I'm there to remote in to present at a conference (on the topic of burnout) otherwise my iPad is the only device I'm bringing aside from my phone and only to draw with.

In October myself and a good friend are travelling to Austin for Artifact Conf and we're going to spend an extra few days after the conference hunting for good eats!

In November I'll likely visit my parents on the coast and see if I can't drag an aunty or two with me.

I used to not take vacations but after hitting burnout I have learned just how important they are.


Next one isn't planned yet, but I went on a week-long family camping trip 3 weeks ago. Other than for maps/GPS while driving, my phone was off. Been a while since I had been (mostly) off grid, and it was beautiful.


The beauty of contracting is being able to allocate blocks of time for vacation and travel!

I'm planning 2-3 months later this year, during which I'll be traveling within North America and Oceana, researching potential employers and brushing up on my React and .NET skills.


It's not a vacation per se but I'm taking one month of paid parental leave in August as soon as Player 2 is there (the second son). I guess I'll spread my remaining vacation-days over the fourth quarter of the year, or just take the entire december off.


I'm going to London for a week around the 21st of July.
I've never been to London before, but my girlfriend really wanted to go.
I'm not very good at taking vacations, but I hope that I might get better at it 😃


Had been planning to do our third EDC in May 2020 (even started on the installment ticket-plan). Unfortunately, last week, a very bad veterinary diagnosis pretty much derailed that. Even if though I'll likely continue to have the PTO to burn, all my previously spare money is now spoken for.


What's a "vacation"? Is that where you don't work for days at a time? I think I remember a time when I didn't work for a while and it was really stressful. I don't think I want to do that again anytime soon... 🤣🤣😜😜


I have a week off later this month, but need to set up something to do. I live within a reasonably short train journey of Cambridge so am considering going to the Raspberry Pi store there.

I'm notoriously bad for taking time off, to the point I pretty much have to be made to.


I have an annual trip to Iceland planned every year. Helps me get out of the Arizona heat for a couple of weeks and get in touch with nature for once. I usually end up doing some remote work but it's definitely a good break!


I'm off on two weeks holiday in a few weeks. I'm going home to Ireland to see family and myself and my partner are also going to drive around as much of the island as we can because she's only seen a couple of places in Ireland when I've taken her home a few times before. I'm really looking forward to it because I haven't been home in ages but also because I've been feeling a bit burnt out lately.


I ALWAYS have at least one trip planned. Did 2 shorter ones this year already (1 week and 4 days), have 2 more trips of 2 weeks each planned already.


Going to Barcelona this Thursday! Have booked my first surf lessons as well. :) Can't wait.


Gonna start a new habit of booking the next holiday when I return from the last one. 😎


I haven't been on a vacation in my life. Unless you consider my senior class trip in 2003 where my school took us to Disney/Orlando Studios/Daytona Florida for 9 days.


Yes! Going to Prague, Vienna, and Munich in August. Should be great fun! If anyone from around there has recommendations on things to see/do/eat, let me know!


My vacation is coming really soon! It's on the July 31st and we're heading to Hong Kong!


Just went down to Tennessee, in the middle of nowhere to meet the grandparent inlaws. Next trip... Maybe Hawaii (that's home for me, not some paradise trip)


I'm on my vacations now. So I will try to work on my personal projects.


Headed to the beach with friends in September!


Honeymoon in San Francisco at the end of the month 😀


Nope, I don't event know where would I go. Living with myself all the time, I don't feel like traveling the world, perhaps I'm going to get a vacation to play a video game or something ¯_(ツ)_/¯


On Wednesday, it is my birthday. And I always take the day off.

But the next big vacation is in February, where I go to the Maldives with my wife.


Just forgot:
First Weekend in August My wife and I are going to Venice for our Wedding Anniversary. And at the end of August we join her parents in Denmark for a week.


I visit Ireland once a year (I live in Australia) so I'll be back in August/September.

I want to do a big ass walking holiday somewhere mountainous next year.


Planning a trip to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands this October/November. Before that, I'll spend two weeks in California next month for a work/fun combination trip. Can't wait for both!


Maybe i'll go to Uruguai pass one week me and my girlfriend!


Some friends and I are riding motorcycles to Indianapolis for GenCon the first weekend of August.


i think I went on vacation in 1997-ish.

What is this thing you say 'vacation'?


I have Monday off, but it's to sort my house out as I've just had flooring put in. So it's not really a holiday.

Other than that no I don't.


I'm just happy to finally get into a working rhythm. I'd love to go on a citytrip next year!


Unfortunately, I have a hard time planning my vacation. As I do a lot of different jobs, it's hard to convince myself that it's okay to take a longer break.


Yup! I'm travelling to Canada on next September to try to get a dev job there!


-Edit- now thinking about it, a vacation to look for a job is not exactly a vacation 👨‍💻


24 days in Argentina and Peru in October - maybe pop over to Uruguay too :)


Next week we are leaving for Florida for a short vacation. Then a month after that moving there permanently. Can't wait!


Going back to France from the 30th of July to the 24th of August. I take the machine with me so it will only be 80% vacation, but the change of setting, language, people, etc. is huge :)


Planning a trip to Seattle in August with some friends. I've been trying to move out there for a about a year now, and I'm trying to corrupt convince some of my friends to go out there with me 🙂


Visiting NYC in December! Can't wait for it! I already took 6 weeks this year, so nothing planned for summer :P


A quick trip to Australia later in the year, then 🤷 just came off of a big holiday, yearning for another :)


I've had two week-long vacations in the past two months so I'm on a break from vacations for a bit.


I normally take vacations in December, so probably around that Christmas time 😅


Yes! After the Perl Conference in Riga in August, I'll spend a week with my family and friends in Zermatt, and then a week at the Lake Como.


I'm visiting my sister in Whistler, Canada, early September :) I live in Sweden so its quite the journey.
We're mostly gonna go hiking and sailing!

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