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Ben Halpern on August 08, 2018

Even though this release has been the culmination of a lot of hard work and hard thinking, this is not a finish line. It's a starting line. ... [Read Full]
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First merged open source PR goes to @_bigblind



Congrats Ben. I'm very excited because of open source. Now, I'm reviewing the code base of

Thanks to all developers who contributed to Most of the developer read articles. They improved themselves and I also improved myself thanks to



Yes! A full-loop. helping people code better so (among other things) they can help An awesome virtuous cycle.


I imagine the whole DEV team being like:

happy dancing

Right on time for my college semester break starting tomorrow :D

I'm super happy and excited for the future of this community!


The reality is that we're more exhausted than everything. Post launch has been a matter of dealing with little things here and there all day, but...

It's pretty cool to be number one trending on GitHub


Say wuuuuuuut!

Congratulations πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘


Thanks Isaac, you've been an awesome supporter in helping us get to this point.


I'm so excited to check out PWA practices in the code base.
DEV has been the best PWA experience I ever had. I've been using
the App button to browse DEV on my phone and never actually going to
the website. I'm learning more on PWA and it's great to have an open
source project like DEV to learn from.

Thank you so much!


Thanks Meghan! I think you’ve got the most decorated profile of anyone in the community in terms of badges.


Woah, really? 😲😊 Aww thank you, I really love DEV πŸ’–


Congratulations guys and gals! So excited to be a part of this as it makes its rounds! is going to continue to be THE space for breaking down barriers and being the legs to the table of the engineering community!


Think it's about time I learn Ruby, great work everyone!


You don't have to know Ruby...but it might help πŸ™ƒ


It's a language I've been wanting to learn for a while, just never got round to it :p was the most anticipated OSS project for me. I just went through the code, There is just so much to learn from the architecture for delivery blazing fast & robust application. Thank you πŸ™, Dev to team, for open sourcing it


w00t! So excited for y’all. Thanks for the Corgibytes shout out. :)


Congrats guys!!!! So happy to be part of when you guys achieved this great milestones


I wonder how the progressive webapp is made with the full size icon. Whenever I make one there is a small chrome icon next to it. (on android, don't know about ios)
Anyone know how to get a PWA like



I'm looking forward to poking around and finding something to contribute. I have an idea of where to look, but I need to find the code first πŸ˜‰


Congrats team! Big milestone. Looking forward to making more contributions post-vacation.


Nick, thank you for being an awesome DEV member and contributor!
Have a great vacation :)


Congratulations for open source to all the team πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ you are amazing! Keep up the good work πŸ•Ί


Congats! Y'all been working hard on this!

also every time I refresh the page there is a new gifπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

dev open source gif ex

I'm just gonna keep refreshing the page until I see that Beyonce gif again πŸ˜†


That's awesome, congrats!

I've been waiting for this, I was so hyped I even starred the repo yesterday... which make it the first repo I ever starred πŸ˜‚ (never quite found a reason to star anything on GitHub)


Congrats team!!! I will learn ruby and this's really helpful for me ... Thanks you so much !!!


Thank you for the trust and congratulations on the release!


Congrats and Good luck! Open Source projects are awesome!


nice opening, this isn't the finish, it's the start, nailed it.




Hi and welcome to the community!
According to Google translate, you say that the community is the heart and I fully agree with you. For ease of communication though, it might be better to stick to English instead of Thai so everyone can read and understand your contributions


Now we need the community to help to implement a REST API so we can start having fun with it ;)


Congrats πŸŽ‰ Really love how detailed the general readme and contributing guidelines are!


It's time to learn Ruby :))


Great! Congratulations!
Do you have any API that we can use to build a costumed client app?


Woohoo! Congratulation! 😎😎😎


Never heard of this site before, just saw it in github trending, but damn, this site is fast. I would love if other sites would improve to your level...


Wow! I love opensource communities a lot. It helps me to share, exchange, and benefit from others. Thank you.


I must say, the README is perfect, it has badges, clear explanation of technical requirements, etc...

I'm really excited to see what will happen with some OSS magic !


sources have pretty good quality :) thank you for sharing!


Huge milestone, a big congrats to the entire team on this accomplishment. Maybe I can open a PR soon πŸ˜€


well, this is a Huge chance for me to advance my learning...


Congrats y’all. It takes big courage to put your product out there for the masses!


I hope this accelerates growth, feature-wise ❀️


I want to be part of Dev...please teach me to practise and how to start it.Thanks


Can i have tutorial on how to install in heroke


Congratulation guys !

Now looking into all the steps required to get up and running, I'm wondering no one mentioned docker yet ;) is the most friendly, social, interactive and welcome place for developers. i find … too toxic and … too indifferent (not naming them particularly).


Congratulations guys! Haven't been long in here, a month or so, but I already feel at home with all the awesome people in this community. Great work to all you guys!


Great move! Open source for a great and open community :)

If it wouldn't be Ruby, I'd certainly would like to contribute. I think I'll rewrite it in Elixir... :P


Awesome work and amazing faith in the FOSS community. Opening up your hard work and dreams to a community can be a scary proposition. The and friends have done an amazing job.


Great approach. Thanks for the free source code and the free stickers that I have received.


Congrats to the team! Keep making awesome things, now together.


What a great effort and thanks so much for contributing to the open source community! Awesome stuff!


I never said congrats here! I'm super happy to support and be here amongst amazing people! ❀️



I understand the choice, but always πŸ’”πŸ˜ž to see AGPL.


@ben I would like to help out with the development of the Android app. Can we discuss the approach you are willing to take for the native app?


Thanks, Sung! You've been a great member and I've really enjoyed reading your posts. You just had your one year DEV anniversary!


You're welcome.

It's because has been great to hang out on.

You just had your one year DEV anniversary!

🍰 Thank you.

Now I need to act my age 😝


What is a unicorn icon? The tooltips aren't really descriptive. :D


Congratulations!! Way to go Ben!! πŸš€
Looking forward to contribute!


Great move!

It also an opportunity for RoR new comers (like myself) to learn from a real living application.


Congrats guys
I remember my first PR was related to a typo in dev to repo
Glad to be part of this awesome community


Really looking forward to contribute on iOS Code :D

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Hi guys,

I'm new to node.js. Some links on my company website stopped working. The website is and the 2 links in question are at the top of the page "Open an account" and "Try a free demo". When you click on either an unexpected error has occurred is flagged up. Attached is the errors generated in the logs. I need to get them working by tomorrow so any help would be much appreciated. Thank you

Kind Regards,

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