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Discussion on: What's your favorite useless repo/package/website/etc?

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Ben Halpern

Hell yes, I'm very glad activate-power-mode exists.

Now with a COMBO MODE!!!

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Ricardo Bánffy

We should eventually add the ability to render things easily on the window bitmap to Emacs someday...

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Brett Stevenson

I used this package when taking lecture notes all last semester, it helped to keep things interesting in non-CS courses.

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Jacob Tan 🤓

I've seen that being used in a Code in the Dark challenge. It was hilarious as hell!

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Robin Kretzschmar

I used it some time with my hyper.js terminal...

When I saw your comment, my first imagination was how you sit in front of your keyboard, smashing the keys, almost turning into a super saiyajin :D

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Matheus Mohr

The world needs more of this